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Day in the life of a grad

Meet Adam from Brisbane

Meet Adam from Brisbane, a Graduate in the DPR (Deloitte Private) Tax & Advisory team. For a student who didn’t know much about professional services, he’s sure got his career off to an awesome start, beginning with Deloitte’s Insider program to now landing a Grad role.

Adam Wong, Grad within Deloitte Private
Adam Wong, Grad within Deloitte Private

Follow Adam through a day-in-the-life in the Brisbane office! 

8:20 am

Arriving at the office, I try to find myself a seat overlooking the Brisbane river. This is probably my favourite seat in the Brisbane office (the benefits of hot-desking!) 

Adam's favourite desk
Adam's favourite desk

8:25 am 

The kitchen is usually replenished with fresh fruit and breakfast items, so I usually help myself to some and make myself a hearty breakfast! 

Breakfast in the kitchen
Breakfast in the kitchen

8:35 am

Back to my desk to catch up on some emails over my freshly made breakfast.   

Adam's work station
Adam's work station

9:00 am 

After about half an hour of emails and planning out the rest of my day, I get started on my work at 9:00am. Here’s a super candid photo of the team from where I’m sitting today! 

Team's candid photo
Team's candid photo

9:30 am

Every Monday at 9:30am, I catch-up with my coach to talk through my workflow for the week. Since working at Deloitte, I’ve really sensed how much the business values its people. With such structured mentoring and support, I never felt like I was on my own and it made my transition from graduating Uni to joining such a big firm so much easier and less daunting!

10:30 am 

Halfway to lunch time – time for a short coffee break! Heading to the kitchen, I make myself a coffee with our “Franke” coffee machine (yes, we named our coffee machines) and grab some more fruit.   

Kitchen area
Kitchen area

12:00 pm

After a productive hour and a bit, I’ve smashed out some more of my work and start to gather the troops for a team lunch.

Lunch Team
Lunch Team

1:00 pm  

Back from lunch and trying to fight the food coma, I’ve got a couple of meetings, training workshops and catch-ups scheduled for the rest of the day. 

Team catch up
Team catch up
Training workshop
Training workshop

4:30 pm

It’s already almost the end of the day – where did time go!
I start to submit my timesheet and plan out my workflow for tomorrow. The day usually ends with some casual banter with the team before every one heads home for more fun tomorrow! 

So Adam, tell us more about your #DeloitteStory. 

I first began my journey with Deloitte through the Insider Program back in 2016. I then went on to join Deloitte Private (DPR) Brisbane as a Summer Vacationer in 2018. 

Once I had completed my dual Bachelor of Commerce and Business Management at the University of Queensland, I became a Deloitte Grad within the DPR Tax & Advisory team in March 2019!

What is the Insider Program?

The Insider Program was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn things that I wouldn’t have been able to in a classroom setting. It also provided me with real insight into what it would be like working at Deloitte.

It was a two-day program packed with interactive workshops, informal interviews with Deloitte professionals and a chance to shadow a Deloitte team of choice.

For me, the program was a real eye-opener. It was my first glimpse into the world of Deloitte. I learnt what I could be involved in, the type of work that was out there (you’ll be surprised how diverse it can be!) and what a ‘day in the life’ of an accountant was actually like.

It was a really invaluable way to see firsthand the culture at Deloitte, and learn attitudes, tips and skills that will be helpful wherever you decide to work. Seriously – don’t miss it! 

How has Deloitte exceeded your expectations?

  • I was given responsibility quicker than I expected. Reviewing/advising on work and preparing real client deliverables!
  • The coaching culture and team structure is amazing. It didn’t take me long to feel a part of the team. The support system here is next to none. It is extremely daunting starting your first job in a big firm like Deloitte, but the guidance I received really blew me away.
  • The scope and diversity of client work. At Deloitte, every week brings new and exciting projects and you’re never stuck in a cycle of mundane tasks (which I previously feared). I’ve done something new or faced a new challenge almost every week!

What is something that is uniquely Deloitte?  

At Deloitte, our biggest differentiator is our people. Leadership and the culture of Deloitte encourages you to think of ways to do things differently or challenge the status quo.

In my opinion, very few organisations are structured in such a way. Here at Deloitte it’s incredibly natural and the norm. 

What is one word of advice you would give students who are looking to apply at Deloitte?

You have something to offer. It doesn’t matter how much or how little experience you have on your resume. Figure out what you’ve learnt from the unique experiences you have had and let that be your strength!

The best advice that I’ve received from my Deloitte mentor, Samara Ibrahim, is that nobody will expect you to have all the answers. What matters the most is that you are interested in learning and understanding people.

There’s no such thing as a dumb question, unless asked twice. So don’t be afraid to ask, but be afraid to forget. Basically – write stuff down! 

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Meet our author

Adam Wong

Adam Wong

Graduate, Deloitte Private

Adam Wong works in the Brisbane office. He joined in 2019 as a graduate in the Deloitte Private, Tax & Advisory team.