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An impact that matters in our communities

Gift to thank over 9,000 of our people.

Every year we try to find a gift to thank over 9,000 of our people for another great year. It’s our way of acknowledging, in some small way, the passion and commitment our people give to our great firm and clients every day.

In 2018, Deloitte took up the opportunity to work with Two Good Co. to provide our people with a gift whilst also making an impact that matters in the wider community.

Two Good Co. is a social enterprise which provides food, support and training to victims of domestic violence in Australia – a prevalent issue in society. It aims to restore self-worth in those who have been through difficult times.

The TwoGood hand wash and hand lotion is made with natural ingredients and was chosen because it also aligns with Deloitte’s commitment to supporting our people’s wellbeing. In addition, we also bought the same gift for 2,500 women in refuges around Australia so they can be provided with necessary items at the time they need it most.

As the holiday season approaches, Deloitte was pleased to be able to thank our people, while helping thousands of people in need at the same time.

As Lisa McAdams’ story shows, small acts of kindness can make a real difference for people in crisis.

“The day I entered a women’s refuge was the best and worst of my life.

There was a sense of relief that for the first time in a long time I wasn’t alone. I had a team of people whose job it was to help me rebuild my life and keep me safe. I will always hold a deep respect and gratitude for what they did for me and for so many others.

Their focus is and needs to be on the necessities, housing, AVOs, new bank accounts. Rebuilding life from the ground up is hard work and time-consuming. When people think of domestic violence they think about the abuse I have suffered, but rarely what was missing – love, affection and care.

The day I arrived at the refuge I was handed some basics – shampoo, conditioner and soap. I was grateful to receive them as I had arrived without my own toiletries.

The thing that touched my heart about it was they were wrapped in cellophane with a pretty purple bow. This small act of kindness was so pivotal in my healing. I still find it hard to tell this story without becoming emotional, which is why I love Two Good so much.

Small things count, they counted for me.”

– Lisa McAdams Domestic violence survivor.

For more information on how you can make an impact that matters visit or any of their social channels below.

Instagram: twogoodco

Facebook: Two Good Co

Twitter: @twogoodco

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Gina De George

Gina De George

Director, Inclusion, Diversity and Wellbeing

Gina is the National Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing at Deloitte Australia. Gina believes respect is at the core of all great organisations and creating a workplace that is safe, inclusive and healthy is an imperative, today and for the future. She brings deep expertise to the portfolio with her knowledge of contemporary diversity, inclusion and wellbeing issues, setting the strategic direction for the Firm to ensure Deloitte initiatives are leading practice. In 2018, Gina led the ‘Aussie Dad’s campaign for Deloitte, and is passionate about driving social change and challenging gender stereotypes. Gina has experience in national and global roles in large organisations, leading and implementing initiatives for inclusion and diversity, employee wellbeing, employee engagement and community engagement both in Australia and overseas. Gina has a strong business background, through her ‘first’ career in finance, providing financial acumen to connect people initiatives with business imperatives.