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If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try

An internship at Deloitte

It wasn’t long ago that I stepped through the revolving doors of the Deloitte office, anxiously sipped my coffee in the lobby, and went up to reception on the first day of my internship.

I was about to start a 10 week program in digital marketing, an industry I had not yet realised I was passionate about, and one that was wildly different from my expectations. After being met by mentor at reception, pulling a nervous smile for my ID card and taking a seat (or standing – you’ve got to love an agile work space!) I finally got the chance to take everything in.

My team – from left to right: Mandy, Mark, Stef, Junna, Teal, myself and Kev.
So, what’s a mentor?

Everyone here gets a mentor. They may not be in your direct team but they become a crucial part of your learning experience, someone to answer all those first day type of questions. From the best place to get lunch to gaining access to the many systems in place – your mentor will help you along the way. The mentor system makes entry into the firm smoother than you could imagine, and mine went above and beyond to make sure I felt at home.

Did your time meet your expectations?

Before starting, I was pretty sure I’d be doing a lot of admin instead of making an impact that matters. But that’s not how it worked. Within an hour I was in the middle of a team meeting and acronyms I’d never heard were flying across the room. Ground-breaking campaigns were being discussed, debriefed and executed. I had learnt more about digital marketing in this meeting than I had in my two years at university, and it was only 10.30am.

10 weeks saw me work on many different projects – from a new audit solution, to celebrating an incredibly talented and diverse group of individuals in our Outstanding 50 LGBTI Leaders. I also had the chance to help run Creative Week, which celebrated just a fraction of Deloitte’s creative presence. Our teams presented all the ways they are solving complex problems, no matter where or what they are with innovation and creativity.

I was surrounded by people eager to help and learn more about my experience and studies, telling me stories about their first day. They also reassured me that it’s fine to not know everything for the first few weeks, months, or even half a year.

If the floor wasn’t in an endless conversation about poke bowls, or eating cake, they were helping each other and working hard to make a difference. It’s these moments and more that I’ll remember fondly, and have set my expectations of what Deloitte’s firm culture is all about.

Would you recommend it to a mate?

To me, I wouldn’t want to be working anywhere that wasn’t constantly evolving and growing. I was able to experience this first hand with the formation of our own internal agency, ‘The Agency’, a streamlined internal service for all our creative solutions. Experiencing this large structural change helped me understand where I wanted to go with my own career. Here I was given countless opportunities to experience every aspect of the business.

University teaches students how to problem solve, but it isn’t until you get a chance to experience the workplace that you understand what it’s all about. I couldn’t recommend an internship at Deloitte enough, if being one of LinkedIn’s top companies to work for isn’t enough then it’s the inviting culture, growth opportunities and multitudes of innovative solutions we offer and create. Plus you’ll learn a whole bunch of new acronyms.

If you want to find out more visit Your Future, Deloitte’s career website

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Max Crow

Max Crow

Undergraduate, Marketing

Max is an undergraduate intern working within The Agency on general marketing campaigns. He has worked across a range of campaigns including Our Outstanding 50 LGBTI leaders.