Posted: 27 Feb. 2019 10 min. read

I was never one of those people who knew exactly what they wanted to do in life

I’m an Analyst within the Digital Consulting department of Deloitte. I started as a Summer Vacationer in 2016 and began the Graduate Program in 2018.


I was never one of those people who knew exactly what they wanted to do in life. In fact, I would say I still don’t, which is why Consulting is a great career choice for me. Consulting is a rollercoaster of being plunged into new industries. I’m constantly having to solve problems for clients in an unfamiliar environment – it’s challenging, but also incredibly rewarding to know I’ve made a difference in a business. Working in an area where Software Engineers, Data Scientists, and Graphic Designers regularly collaborate means there really is no ordinary day in the office.

When I first started my search for an internship, I wasn’t aware that Deloitte had a Consulting department. In fact, it was when I was helping a friend look for Accounting jobs that I stumbled upon it and the possibility of doing a vacation placement. After finding some pretty impressive articles on Deloitte’s past work, I began to picture myself working in this kind of job. One thing about a corporate career I’d always struggled with was the perception that it left little room for creativity. This felt like a deal breaker for me, but seeing the breadth and ingenuity of Deloitte’s previous projects piqued my interest, predominantly because I knew that people with ideas like these could never be the product of a stifled corporate organisation.

The Summer Vacation program gave me experience working on real client engagements and allowed me to see what I enjoyed and disliked about the job before I committed to it. For me, this was the best way to see how the role would suit me and if I could see myself doing it full-time. My transition from Vacationer to Graduate was incredibly smooth and despite a year and a half break, it felt like I’d never left. Having done the Vacation program helped ease my nerves about starting full-time work and the support network I’d gained made it even easier. Coming back to so many familiar faces was also a great experience as I was able to fit right back in.

One great thing that separates Deloitte from other firms is its investment in its Vacationers and Graduates. The number of networking opportunities, particularly with Partners and Directors, makes it easy to feel valued and included from day one. This continued exposure to senior staff facilitates idea-sharing which generates the unique ideas Deloitte is famous for.

Another great thing about the Grad program was participating in D.Academy, where Grads come together across the firm and are tasked with challenging their own ideas. We’re given the opportunities to work in groups with people from vastly different areas. It was through this program that I found embracing my curiosity, unstrained creativity and being insensitive to failure crucial to generating the best ideas, working cohesively as a team, while also having fun as a group.

Ultimately, I’ve found that the best part about the Grad program is the Grad cohort. Coming into the role with a group of fantastic people made the transition into a corporate job feel effortless and I’ve made lifelong friends through the experience.

Outside of the Grad program, I’ve also been able to expand my learning as staff at all levels are offered professional training in a variety of areas. I’ve attended “Women in Consulting” events where influential women from various industries participate in a panel discussion followed by networking. Most recently, I undertook a seminar on Behavioural Economics that brought together people from across the firm to engage in an interactive workshop. Having always been interested in this field, I was keen to learn more about its applications beyond my area and was excited to connect with people in different departments.

Beyond this, what made Deloitte my top choice to work in was its commitment to diversity and inclusion and the ways the firm was taking practical steps to ensure sustainable implementation of these principles. Most companies like to promote their diversity and inclusion values but few take the tangible steps needed to make it a reality, which was what really set Deloitte apart for me. The diversity of projects is remarkable and I find myself constantly hearing of new engagements that push the boundaries of what I’d believed was possible. The diversity of roles is exciting as I find myself moving between different activities every day. The diversity of events means there’s always something happening – whether it’s a panel of inspiring speakers, a fast-paced workshop, or a celebration. The diversity of causes and charities Deloitte supports means there’s always something to be passionate about. Ultimately though, it’s the diversity of people that makes Deloitte what it is. Coming into work and meeting people every day who astound you is not something everyone gets to experience, but for me, it’s a part of Deloitte.


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