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Energise your life

As part of National Wellbeing Month at Deloitte, I wanted to share insights from a talk Sean Hall recently gave at one of our national (virtual) Town Halls. Sean positively hums with energy – it’s pretty infectious, and makes you want to smile! Underneath the bright eyes and positive body language run some serious messages, along with really helpful tips to help us overcome unrelenting uncertainty with a little more confidence.

In 2020 we have seen the best and worst of humankind in response to bushfires, COVID-19 and an economic downturn. And, with all these recent challenges, comes endless uncertainty born of doubt and concern about the future – are our jobs safe? Will the kids be OK? How long will all this go on for? Endless questions, few answers.

Enter Sean Hall, the founder and CEO of Energx who we asked to share his focus on wellbeing with us. He explained that uncertainty kills dopamine, a ‘happy’ neuro chemical, the lack of which makes us feel listless and a bit unhappy... He shared some silver bullets to get our dopamine flowing again.

Firstly, we need to focus on what we can control. And then, we need to start acting. You can’t do one without the other.

When it comes to our energy, there are 3 things we can control and take responsibility for:

  1. Our energy – all the things we do to take care of ourselves every day which make us feel fulfilled and happy. For me, it’s reading and walking outside. It can also be getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water or eating well. Don’t wear yourself out by comparing yourself to others; don’t beat yourself up because you’re not happy with yourself.
  2. Our energy impact on others – for me, this means thinking about how I make other people feel when I interact with them. Do I make them feel energised and positive, or am I sapping them of both? What can I do to make sure I don’t have a negative impact on someone else’s energy?
  3. How good we are at what we do – at Deloitte, it’s up to each of us to think about how we make an impact that matters (our global purpose) at work. So, what impact can we make? When are we at our best selves? Tap into this more often! It’ll make you feel better.

If we can control the above three things, we can start acting “with our rhythms, the routines or habits that set us up for success. Our human survival and performance are built on the rhythm of our breath, and our heart rate...”, Sean explained.

What does that really mean, though? Well this year, in quick response to the bushfires and COVID-19, we all had to create new rhythms depending on our individual circumstances. And these new rhythms were probably created in haste without much planning.

When I first started working at home I was having early meetings every day, making it hard to get out for an early walk. I was sitting at my desk for HOURS – busy in Zoom meetings or planning, creating, writing, working…

Sean explained we can challenge these decisions. “Most importantly, be aware that every single decision you make in tweaking your rhythms can impact your energy. Your decision can boost or deplete your energy, and the energy of people around you. I choose to be an energist, someone who expands my own energy, and expands the energy of others. I make this choice every day.”

Plan your day, every day:

To make the right decisions and expand your energy, and release those elusive ‘happy hormones’, think about how you will follow this recommended approach:

  • C – Who will you connect with in a meaningful way today? (e.g. ask someone if they’re OK)
  • A – What act of self-care will you create space for today? (e.g. eat six veggies for great gut health)
  • L – what will you to do make sure you laugh today? (e.g. make time for something funny)
  • M – Can you do something that involves moving today? (e.g. have a walking meeting 😊).

If you do this every day, you will feel better, more confident, and energetic. All great bulwarks for managing uncertainty.

Breathe with purpose and intention:

Sean’s second recommendation for expanding your energy is to sit or stand still, and really focus on your breathing very deliberately:

He asked almost 10,000 of us to “breathe in for four, and hold for four…. Breathe out for four, and hold for four…. This instantly calms our parasympathetic nervous system. And while you’re breathing, think about someone, or something, you are grateful for right now. Practising gratitude is linked to our overall wellbeing and happiness, so we need to do it often!” It was wonderful.

To make sure this new habit sticks, Sean recommends writing down the three things that make you grateful, or as he puts it, give you that internal ‘shimmy’.

And don’t stop there, share them in a conversation with someone else!

This is an abbreviated blog of a more detailed Blog I wrote on my LinkedIn profile.

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