Posted: 15 Feb. 2021 05 min. read

Meet Caitlin, Consulting Grad in Brisbane

Time out with a Deloitte Grad

Meet Caitlin, a Graduate Analyst in our Digital Customer and Marketing team in Brisbane. 
Caitlin completed a BA Business & BA of IT at QUT.

Caitlin Treasure, Consulting Grad in Digital Customer & Marketing.

What’s your #DeloitteStory?

I'm an Analyst in the Digital Customer and Marketing team. Having been here almost a year I have been on many different projects and have had the opportunity to experience multiple roles.

In the typical BA (Business Analyst) role, I’ll work with the client and developers to produce user stories and functional specifications. Recently, I’ve started going down the pathway of Martech (marketing technology), which has me looking at different marketing platforms and strategies/roadmaps businesses can utilise. Regardless of the role, I am always collaborating with different members of the team and participating in meetings, workshops and interviews with the client. 

What support have you had that's helped you in launching your early career?

When joining as a grad, you're assigned a graduate buddy and a coach. This was so useful, especially [commencing with the firm in 2020, through Covid-19 period] with most of my work and the graduate program was done from home.

Having a direct contact to reach out to for questions and guidance was reassuring. There is also a great range of training on offer to learn fundamental consulting skills that apply directly to the work you are doing on projects. 

What aspect of your Graduate experience at Deloitte have you most enjoyed?

Going to ‘Consulting bootcamp’ at the start of the program was a real highlight for me. As part of the bootcamp activity, we spent 3 days with grads from around Australia, engaging in consulting training and building connections along the way. It was there that I made most of my grad friends, and meant that there were more familiar faces around the office (and on Teams meetings). 

What advice would you give to someone at university looking to join Deloitte?

If you're able to apply for a vacationer position, I would absolutely recommend doing so. It gives you the chance to try out the job and also show the team that you would be a good fit. Otherwise, I can really recommend going to the organised networking nights that Deloitte run, so you can talk to people here and ask questions about what we do. I think the biggest thing is showing that you're keen to learn.

What inspired you to study STEM at university?

My sister and I had an ambitious go at a start-up when we were younger, and we realised we had absolutely no idea how an app or website worked. I didn’t want to get left behind, so decided we should both change our single degrees to a double with IT!

What advice would you give to your younger self as a student studying STEM at university? 

I felt quite intimidated in my first year of IT classes because I hadn’t had any pre-exposure in school, and there seemed to be a lot of self-taught geniuses using technical language that I had never heard of before.

Looking back, my biggest advice to myself would be to remember that you aren’t expected to know everything, that’s why you're there. Ask lots of questions and connect with people similar to you so you can support each other. 

What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead?

Deloitte has done an amazing job at adapting to working from home, however I'm most looking forward to experiencing the in-person office culture!

Having the ability to bounce off other people in the room etc. is really important, and something I’ve only had a small taste of due to working from home [during the Covid-19 lockdown period] for the majority of the last 12 months! 


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