Posted: 15 Mar. 2021 05 min. read

Meet Mitchell, Audit & Assurance Grad

Time out with a Deloitte Grad

Meet Mitchell, an Audit & Assurance Graduate working within our Treasury and Capital Markets team.
Mitchell completed a BA Commerce at the University of Melbourne.

Meet Mitchell Sutton, Audit & Assurance Grad in Melbourne.

Welcome Mitchell!  So, tell us about your role with us at Deloitte..

Working as a Graduate in the Treasury and Capital Markets team is highly diverse and exciting in many respects.

I'm involved in a variety of projects, from internal audits to financial market conduct assurance. Some of these projects are short, lasting only a few weeks, while others have spanned my entire year here at Deloitte.

Certain projects require knowledge and skills of a highly technical nature, while there are other deliverables that draw upon strategic and creative thinking. I provide services to clients from across the economy, including in the energy, financial, government, resource, and legal sectors. At times I collaborate very closely with senior management, while other times involve independent and self-driven work.

However, the one thing that's been consistent across projects and my time as a Graduate is that I'm always working with brilliant and friendly individuals who support me, both personally and professionally.

Why did you want to join Deloitte?

I was drawn to Deloitte as I wanted to work at an organisation where every day would be different.

I had previously worked in a role that was highly repetitive, with minimal change from month to month. While this had been useful to develop a strong understanding of my subject area, after several months the opportunities for learning were diminished.

The nature of my work at Deloitte, through the various projects which I've been engaged, has constantly provided new challenges, and kept me on my feet. 

What projects have you worked on, and can you tell us about the experience you have gained?

I've been engaged on multiple internal audits over the treasury function of organisations in the financial, resource, and energy industries. I have provided specialist support for external audit engagements in treasury controls testing and financial derivative valuation/accounting.

Through these projects, I have analysed financial models, presented to Board members of client organisations, contributed to key reports and deliverables, attended highly consequential meetings, and more. I'm incredibly grateful to have been provided with all these opportunities in the span of only a single year.

How has the Graduate Program supported the launch of your career?

I feel as though my time as a Graduate has greatly accelerated my career. I have had exposure to senior leaders, partners, and directors, both at Deloitte and within our client organisations. This has given me an understanding of the organisation, about prioritisation and decision making that occurs at the highest levels.

Furthermore, working across such a wide variety of projects and clients has given me a greater understanding of my own interests within the professional sphere and provided opportunities to explore them more closely.

How has your coach supported you in your program experience?

My coach has been instrumental through my first year at Deloitte. They've helped guide my experience by ensuring that I am given the opportunity to work on projects that I have expressed interest in, that align with my skills and are consistent with my career goals.

Additionally, my coach supported me during a period of difficult personal circumstances last year. The support that I received allowed me to reduce my level of stress, recharge, and consequently to refocus and perform to my best at work. 

What are you most looking forward to in your future career here at Deloitte?

I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to travel for projects as impacts of the pandemic subside. I've worked with clients and colleagues across Australia and internationally, so it would be brilliant to meet them in person and develop stronger relationships. I would also like live in another city or country at some point in the future, and I believe Deloitte provides unparalleled opportunities to fulfil this goal.

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