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Want to make managing organisational transformation simpler? Meet EVE

We all need to manage change in our lives, every day, in some shape or form. In organisational settings, these changes are often complex with lots of interwoven dependencies, and sometimes they’re simpler and easier to manage. In our personal lives and at work, change is our new normal. But it’s how we manage its impact that matters most. What if we could make change just that little bit simpler to manage for organisations? And make it happen faster, better and at the pace you want?

Managing transformation from a single platform can help organisations do just that.

In fact, a single platform can help you operate effectively during, and beyond, changes. Imagine being able to qualify, prioritise and manage all your organisation-wide transformation initiatives simultaneously – and being able to track these in real-time.

Meet EVE, our user-friendly single transformation platform

EVE is pretty tech savvy: an enterprise grade, ISO certified, cloud-based Transformation Lifecycle Management Platform that enables efficient and effective management of end-to-end programs of work. It can make sure the transformation’s intended benefits aren’t overstated, and also accurately predict the amount of time it will take to implement a solution; both of which help manage deadlines and stakeholder expectations.

Alex Moynihan, a Partner in Deloitte’s Consulting – Data & AI team, explains, “EVE is a huge time saver. It leverages proven standardised Deloitte frameworks to perform detailed complexity, risk, and financial assessments of potential transformation candidates to identify, prioritise, plan and manage the right opportunities. It quantifies expected benefits and creates visualisations to highlight financial forecasts, through the entire lifecycle of the program – enabling continuous performance tracking, exception reporting, benefit tracking and identification of improvement opportunities.”

Eve Integrates with multiple vendors out of the box such as leading Robotic Process Automation & Workflow Vendors

Organisations often struggle to connect data from multiple sources

Again, EVE saves the day! It instantly integrates third party tools to ingest live data – enabling rapid understanding of business benefits.

 Joanna Krashia, a Director from Deloitte’s Consulting – Data & AI team, is one of EVE’s biggest advocates: “We often hear of transformation or automation initiatives that have been implemented, but the expected benefits aren’t realised or reinvested in the organisation. EVE overcomes this by enabling real-time benefit plan tracking with business stakeholders, ensuring the predicted benefits from initiatives are being realised on the ground, and insights gained from transformation initiatives are being implemented.”

Eve clearly outlines the Business Benefit of your transformation initiatives – comparing expected (forecasted) vs Actual values from the target systems

And better yet (drumroll, please!) EVE can be quickly configured to suit your business operations – such as custom delivery lifecycles, tailored business case metrics, enhanced business line analysis and reporting.

Eve clearly outlines the Business Benefit of your transformation initiatives – comparing expected (forecasted) vs Actual values from the target systems

Use case: Helping a top tier financial institution establish a sustainable, scalable, automation delivery and operations function

Client challenge

For 18 months, this large financial institution worked to establish a business case for automation, and to deploy a single operational robot using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The organisation faced several challenges, including:

  • No pre-existing frameworks for business cases, with limited stakeholder engagement leading to poor or ineffective prioritisation
  • No means to measure benefits post-implementation, or govern operational performance and continuous improvement opportunities, leading to a lack of confidence in transformation to drive business value.

Our EVE solution

Deloitte deployed EVE to manage the end-to-end delivery of its business opportunities – ranging from identifying and qualifying, to delivery, deployment, and real time benefit tracking and realisation.

The financial institution was able to assess 90 processes in four weeks to create a baseline for delivery and a prioritised roadmap that was executed and built upon over the remainder of the program. They established robust and objective business cases, using EVE’s standardised assessment framework, which was continually validated once solutions were implemented in production.

Deloitte also designed and established a Centre of Excellence operating model to drive sustainable and consistent assessment, delivery and deployment. The firm drove end-to-end delivery and operational utilisation by implementing an insight-driven governance process supported by a suite of performance reports that were simple, intuitive and readily available across the organisation.

Impact and benefits

EVE’s deployment and use has led to:

  • Real-time tracking of operational performance for process owners and operational teams
  • Continuous improvement opportunities uncovered through exception and variation insights
  • Proactive fault prevention through monitoring and automated alerts.

Real time insights from transformation initiatives are easy to understand – and clearly outline benefits and potential opportunities for process enhancement.

To date, this financial institution has been able to identify over 700 opportunities across the organisation, 300 of which have been objectively assessed – including continuous improvement opportunities through an operational reporting framework. More than 100 initiatives are currently in operation and are smoothly being managed through the EVE platform.

By enabling effective and efficient management of the digital workforce and transformation initiatives, EVE allows for centralised governance, informed decision making and transparency – and frees up time for your teams to focus on value-adding activities.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with EVE today and start resourcefully managing your business transformations in the right way.

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Priyanka Shahani

Priyanka Shahani

Consultant, Strategy, AI & Transformation

Priyanka is a Consultant in Deloitte’s Strategy, AI & Transformation practice. She is driven by challenging and impactful work, that leverages innovative technologies to solve business problems and add value. Priyanka has experience delivering robotics process automation (RPA), data management solutions, intelligent operations, technology investment roadmaps and insight reporting capabilities. Priyanka graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Advanced Science (First Class Honours) in Mathematics and Pharmacology. She is passionate about life science and pharmaceuticals, with extensive non-profit research and laboratory experience. Prior to joining Deloitte, she also performed chemical analyses in support of certified reference material and proficiency testing programs, within the Australian Government's Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

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