Climate Change 101 for business leaders


Climate Change 101 for business leaders

Key questions and essential knowledge

Addressing climate change has moved steadily higher on the corporate agenda. Even as more of the business community acknowledges the fundamentals—that the emission of greenhouse gases by humans is changing the climate in ways that are harmful to the planet and human societies—many also struggle to go beyond those basics. How harmful, exactly? How quickly must we act, and at what scale?

This report aims to equip busy leaders with climate change knowledge so they can ask the right questions, prioritise the right areas, and make the right decisions.

Addressing climate change:

  • starts with the basics of climate science;
  • determines the potential impacts on the natural world and human societies;
  • examines the potential risks of a changed climate to businesses in different sectors;
  • assesses various stakeholders’ pressures and responds; and gets started with a plan.

If you’re already well on your way to addressing climate change in your own organisation, or you haven’t started to address your carbon emissions yet, this report serves as your FAQ guide to go from awareness to action.

Published: May 2021

Climate Change 101 for business leaders

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