Our response to COVID-19

Calm, confident, resilient

The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having an unprecedented impact globally, and as the number of positive cases increase within Australia, we anticipate there will be a significant impact on local markets.

Deloitte is treating the developing COVID-19 public health event with the utmost seriousness. We are deeply committed to the health and well-being of our people, and that of our clients. 

Consistent with good practice, we have activated our continuity protocols and have mobilised teams to actively monitor and respond to the COVID-19 situation in coordination with our Asia Pacific Member Firm and Global Security Office.

Additionally, Deloitte has established a COVID-19 Prevention and Control Taskforce to assess and manage the risks to our people and business. This taskforce includes senior Partners led by key members of our Executive and meets daily to review and respond to emerging events.

Consistent with good practice and the recommendations of the government, health authorities and our security staff we have implemented the following measures to safeguard our community:

  • Personal healthcare: Provided guidance to our people including personal healthcare measures that should be taken to protect themselves and others. Deloitte has also deployed sanitisation stations on each floor nationwide.  This includes items such as hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial surface spray and wipes.
  • Travel: In line with Government advice all international travel and all non-essential domestic travel has been cancelled. Domestic business travel for essential client work will be reviewed and approved by the Executive on a case-by-case basis.
  • Self-isolation: Introduced a requirement for our professionals to self-report immediately in the event they may have been exposed to the virus, or are diagnosed as either suspected of or confirmed as having COVID-19. Return-to-workplace policies have been implemented which are consistent with the direction of government travel and healthcare officials.

Deloitte has plans in place to promote continuity of operations in the event of a threat or impact to Deloitte people, property or systems. Implementing the BETH3 methodology we recognise that organisations and individual business processes rely on a common set of assets or resources that can be broken down into the following five categories – Buildings, Equipment, Technology, Human Resources and 3rd Parties (including clients). Our BCP is documented for all Service Lines and Internal Corporate Services and are subject to a review every 12 months and are tested every 24 months.

We are currently adhering to the advice from the Government and encouraging our people to work from home where practical. Where this is not practical our offices remain open and operational.

We have implemented the following practices to ensure our services remain uninterrupted:

  • Flexible working: We have a well-established Deloitte Flex policy that empowers every person at Deloitte to make their personal choice about whether they work from home, our office or client sites during this period. Noting that many of our clients have also implemented similar measures, our engagement leaders are working collaboratively with our project sponsors to ensure critical or specific project needs are meet.
  • Equipment and Technology: Many of our projects are run in a remote environment either fully or partially at any given time and we have robust infrastructure and technology to support this. All our staff are provided with mobile data sim-enabled laptops, VPN access, and various virtual telecommunication tools which enable us to connect and collaborate wherever we are working.
  • Client site: When clients implement specific visitor policies, or our agreements require delivery at a client site, Deloitte will collaborate with the client to meet the requirements for site access.
  • Third parties: Our suppliers and contracting agencies have been contacted to ensure their approach to COVID-19 prevention and business continuity is consistent with Deloitte’s actions and expectations.

We have conducted a series of desktop scenarios to test our approach and capability should the COVID-19 situation escalate, and the global and local impacts associated with the spread of the COVID-19 are being closely monitored by our Taskforce.  We are fully prepared to adjust our approach and introduce additional measures as needed.

While COVID-19 has resulted in some changes to our day-to-day operations, we remain calm, confident and resilient through these changes and we continue to serve clients with minimal disruption.

It may not business as usual, but we are still open for business.

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