Deloitte 2022 CxO Sustainability Report - Australia

Australia’s C-level business leaders (or CxOs) are increasingly concerned about climate change and see the world at a tipping point to act. Eighty-six percent of Australian CxOs agree there’s a climate crisis, and 75% say their organisation is very concerned about climate change.

Deloitte surveyed more than 2,000 CxOs across 21 countries – including Australia – to better understand the concerns of business leaders and how to bridge the disconnect between ambitions and impact.

Our report found that Australian organisations are more concerned about climate change than the global average and that the majority of Australian CxOs are focused on incorporating climate into their strategies and operations in the next three years. While climate change is clearly on the radar of Australian CxOs, there is still more that must be done to meet this challenge.

The Australian perspective
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