Deloitte sponsors The Big Splash WA

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Deloitte sponsors The Big Splash WA

Art in support of child and adolescent mental health

Deloitte is proud to sponsor The Big Splash WA - a vibrant public art event that will take place in the streets, parks and public spaces of Perth in early 2018 to raise funds and awareness for Perth Children’s Hospital, Child and Adolescent Mental Health unit.

The Big Splash will see 36 life-sized dolphin sculptures, including two Deloitte sponsored dolphins, take up residence in iconic locations around Perth from January to March 2018. The dolphins will form a spectacular sculpture trail for all to enjoy.

Funds raised will initiate innovative programs at Perth Children's Hospital for children and adolescents with severe mental health disorders who are at significant risk.

For more information on The Big Splash, please click here.

In sponsoring The Big Splash WA we are working to help bring mental health to the forefront, to ensure our children and young people receive the professional help that they deserve, when they need it most.

Mental health issues in children are real and they need our support.

Download The Big Splash WA app from the App Store or Google Play to follow the trail, track your progress and unlock mental health tips, special rewards and offers.

Donate to The Big Splash WA cause

If you would like to donate to this cause and help to ensure Western Australian children with mental health issues get the help they need, please visit The Big Splash WA website here.

All donations to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation via The Big Splash WA will go to supporting equipment, staff, research, family support and initiatives within the WA Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. This includes supporting the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Thank you for your donations! Every cent helps us to make an impact that matters to children with mental health issues and is greatly appreciated.

Meet the Deloitte Sponsored Dolphins

 Robyn Louise Taylor 
Location: Brookfield Place Tower 2

Salveo is Latin for "I'm ok!" Something different can help bring out a new perspective. It could be small differences, like the small individual dots on this dolphin. When you step away from it, the dots form something bigger; it gives you a new perspective on the dolphin. Suddenly one small dot becomes many small dots forming one big pattern.  Forming something new. This mirrors the idea that we are all individually different, but when we come together we become something new and amazing.


The Porpoise of Sparkle
 Matt Dixon
Location: Cathedral Square

Numerous layers of paint, glitter and varnish have been used to create the Porpoise of Sparkle. Brighten your day with a touch of sparkle!

Download The Big Splash WA app from the App Store or Google Play to track your progress around the trail and unlock special rewards by entering the dolphin’s unique code into the app.

Terms and conditions for The Big Splash WA Deloitte The Porpoise of Sparkle Photo Competition can be found here.

The Porpoise of Sparkle