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    The green thread that binds us

    This year marks 175 years of Deloitte people making an impact that matters. It’s an enduring story that began in 1845 with William Welch Deloitte, someone who understood the power of connection. An individual with an ideal, integrity and incentive to build something that would last.

    In 1857, a green thread was used to bind our first partnership agreement. Today, this thread remains strong, binding us together through the shared values of our Australian firm.

    Our unique Australian history is grounded in these values and our relentless commitment to creating positive outcomes for our clients, communities, and our people. For us, this means honouring our recognition as a leader in innovation, something that will remain in our DNA. It means continuing to help build a better Australia, through impact that can be measured. And it means striving to foster inclusion, through homage to our history of past achievements as they inform and nourish our future focus on change for the better.

    We will continue to connect for impact. It is our legacy. It is our future.

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    Journey through time and around the world as you learn about Deloitte’s impact to clients, communities and our people over the last 175 years.

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