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DTTL Competitiveness Series

Drivers of the next wave of growth

DTTL’s global series on competitiveness delves into the industries projected to drive the next wave of economic prosperity. Benchmarked against global growth drivers, these reports provide unique insight on the connections between country and/or regional strengths and global demand.

Competitiveness: Catching the next wave: Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is primed for an era of sustainable growth, with the pace of growth potentially surpassing most regions of the world. Industry strength in mining, agriculture, and oil production, as well as a rapidly growing pool of young, educated people ready to enter the workforce, position the region to gather speed and create greater opportunities for its rapidly growing population.

Deloitte's competitiveness report examines the key sectors offering strong opportunities for driving Africa’s “next wave” of growth over the next 30 years from three of the region’s most important economies and regional hubs: South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya.

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Competitiveness: Catching the next wave: Mexico

There is much cause for optimism for Mexico’s industry outlook. A thriving manufacturing base, ample energy reserves, a growing labor pool, and sizeable access to global markets position Mexico to raise national living standards and dramatically reduce the nation’s historic inequality. Deloitte’s latest competitiveness report aims to examine the key sectors that will fuel Mexico’s “next wave” of growth over the next 25 years.

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Competitiveness: Catching the next wave: India

India has the potential to become an economic powerhouse by 2025, with many long-term economic advantages, such as a young demographic base, growing incomes, an expanding (and globalized) middle class. Deloitte's latest competitiveness report aims to examine India’s economic and demographic factors, along with the role government and policy makers play in driving the country’s “next wave” of sustainable growth.

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Competitiveness: Catching the next wave: China

Once relatively impoverished, isolated, and cut-off from global innovation and technology, China has dramatically re-emerged to become one of the world’s great manufacturing centers, a vital source of global finance, and a vibrant commercial marketplace. But after three decades of rapid growth and transformation, China faces an inflection point. The ingredients that propelled its rapid progression and unprecedented development over the past 30 years won’t fuel its expansion over the next three decades. Instead, China faces an opportunity to transition to a new wave of prosperity. In order to move up the “value chain,” it must evolve from relatively commoditized manufacturing and lower-skilled assembly to a more innovation-based economy, which includes design, logistics, financial and business services, high-tech industries and life sciences. The report also discusses the role of government and the significance of trends identified in economic policies.

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Competitiveness: Catching the next wave: The Philippines

In the past three years, the Philippines has emerged as one of the stellar economic performers in the Asia Pacific region. And confidence is high that this energetic growth will continue. While the Philippines still must do more to reduce unemployment and create a path of long-term sustainable growth, there are opportunities in key industry sectors that are likely to propel the country’s growth for the next twenty years. As labor rates rise in China, the Philippines could become a more attractive manufacturing center, especially if the nation’s power supply is stabilized. The business process outsourcing (BPO) sector also has room to expand further. Smart investments in infrastructure could boost the construction sector and lead to higher productivity growth, as would improvements in the nation’s roads and harbors. All these efforts can be supported by continued reforms to make the Philippines even more competitive in the dynamic and fast-changing Southeast Asian region.

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Competitiveness: Catching the next wave: Panama

As the fastest growing economy in Latin America, Panama is fueled by new and emerging opportunities in a number of key industries. In DTTL’s first global report of the series, Competitiveness: Catching the next wave, Panama examines the industries that are likely to drive the country’s next wave of domestic prosperity, and how business and government can and should capitalize on these to position Panama for future prosperity.

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