Deloitte announces Google as partner for LGBTI Leader List


Deloitte announces Google as partner for LGBTI Leader List  

Deloitte will partner with Google to develop and publish the 2018 Outstanding 50 LGBTI Leaders List.

Deloitte and Google announced their intention to partner on the 2018 Outstanding 50 LGBTI Leaders List at a well attended InterFirm event in Sydney.

The initiative aims to bring successful LGBTI role models forward, with a view to improving LGBTI inclusion in workplaces and also giving younger LGBTI individuals role models to which they can aspire.

Deloitte’s National Diversity & Inclusion Leader, Margaret Dreyer spoke at the event and said that it was her firm belief that a fairer, more inclusive society was better not only for LGBTI individuals, but that it ultimately helps build a better country for us all.

“Making a difference often required taking action to help drive societal change and this initiative is a great example of just that. By demonstrating outstanding individuals who have achieved the highest levels of success, despite the greatest of challenges,” Margaret said.

Aisling Finch, Head of Marketing at Google for Australia and New Zealand also spoke at the event and said that the research was unequivocal in that diversity leads to better outcomes – better creativity, innovation and decisions.

“At Google, we encourage our people to bring their whole selves to work, and in all 60 of our offices around the world, we are committed to a work environment where Googlers can be themselves and thrive – so when Deloitte approached us to work on this initiative, we jumped at the chance,” she said.

The event included an open panel discussion and Q&A with members of the 2016 Out50 list including Kate Wickett (Transport for NSW), Savannah Jackson (CEO Trading Pursuits & Simulated Trading) and Peter Wilson (Managing Director, Greenhill) and was facilitated by Deloitte Digital Partner, Robbie Robertson – who was also featured on the inaugural list.

Their shared their unique stories and perspectives as lesbian woman, transgender woman and gay man and answered questions from the audience.

It was announced that the new list would be published in April 2018, with Google using their channels to help ensure that the list of role models would reach everyday Australians who need to see them the most.

In her speech announcing Google as the new partner for the 2018 list, she said that for many the brand name Google was synonymous with information, reach and brand excellence.

“We are beyond delighted that Google mirrored our excitement to publish this list and we look forward to the official launch next year,” she said.

InterFirm is a networking forum in Australia comprised of professional services and law firms, of which Deloitte are a founding member.

Published: December 2017

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