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IDentity: Cultural Diversity

It’s who we all are

Deloitte is an incredibly diverse organisation and we’re extremely proud of it. IDentity is the name of our cultural diversity strategy. We strive to create an environment where all our people can maximise their potential, regardless of their ethnicity, cultural background – or any other form of diversity.

Our expectation is that everyone will be provided the same opportunities to reach their full potential. 

Led by Consulting Partner Leon Doyle, the IDentity steering committee comprises several culturally diverse leaders from a number of business units who collectively determine our cultural diversity strategy. 

Data Driven Approach 

Deloitte has taken a data driven approach, using surname analysis and an algorithm to understand our employee make up (with an accuracy rating of 86.5%) to determine if barriers exist for culturally diverse staff and at what point interventions are required to ensure systemic bias is removed. 

Using this approach we have uncovered that Deloitte has significant diversity within our employee base, in fact, we are three times more diverse than the population of average Australian workers. 

We’re very proud of our incredible cultural diversity and see it as one of our greatest strengths, as we know that people from differing backgrounds all bring something new to our teams – helping mitigate group think and come up with innovative solutions.

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