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Impact Day

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In November each year, thousands of Deloitte people around the country make an impact that matters, spending the day volunteering with local charities

Impact Day is a special day on the Deloitte Australia calendar. Held in November each year, thousands of our people around the country down their usual work tools to make a positive contribution in our communities.

From the early hours of Friday November 16, more than 4,000 Deloitte volunteers descended in over 400 locations across Australia, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands for Impact Day. Their mission? To make an impact that matters in our communities .

Whether our people help to transform The Salvation Army, assist the homeless or people with disabilities; support children in need, work at schools or animal shelters; take part in strategy sessions, they take this day to activate Deloitte’s purpose.

Impact Day is also renowned for being a great team-building exercise both within Deloitte teams and across them. Seeing our colleagues in a different and less formal context, while making a positive community contribution, is a wonderful way to build trust and strengthen professional bonds.

Preparations are already underway for Impact Day 2019!

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Published: December 2018

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