2021 Social Impact Report

Prof. Deen Sanders OAM, National Chairman Deloitte’s Reconciliation Action Plan

Benefiting from First Nations wisdom

One of the greatest challenges facing our nation is the need to come to terms with the history and treatment of Australia’s First People. That past still holds us back from extraordinary opportunity as a nation. Every Australian walks on the lands and amongst the people of the world’s oldest continuous culture; and that culture has been trying to offer its wisdom and its formula for successful living on this country since other nations arrived. Australia has not always been willing to hear it (and some might still be unwilling). But Deloitte is ready and we are proud of the openness to learn what it means to be a uniquely Australian firm.

Rick Shaw, Partner Consulting

Working with the Indigenous Leadership Team, Deloitte aims to bring Indigenous insight into everything we do. Our strategy has four pillars: Voice: Ensure Indigenous voices are heard; Treaty: Grow our Indigenous business; Truth; Make the change together; Country: Learning to live in harmony with the land. Enacting this strategy has already paid off in substantial new projects, in innovative ways of working and collaborating across our business; and in the pride the firm can now take in some of the public positions and external recognition of our firm.

Angela Robinson, Lead Partner Digital Experience & Marketing

We took the stand this year of celebrating Australia Day in a sensitive and authentic way where we asked everyone to consider the three different perspectives of: The Day Before, The Day of Arrival, and The Day After. Inherent in this is an invitation to everyone to embrace the truth, strength and wonder of our history and build on that for a truly unique future for every Australian. We anticipate this will grow into a strong public platform over time.

Joe Hedger, Partner Indigenous Service Group

We also held some fantastic celebrations and events, including our special NAIDOC webinar event on Tuesday 10 November, when the Indigenous Leadership Team invited all of our people to consider and learn what it means to stand on country, to feel our feet in the ground. Partners and leaders from all over the country invited Deloitte staff to join from wherever they were. To get out of their room and come and sit with us in their own backyard or local park – wherever they could dig their toes into the grass. Participants shared in Deloitte’s first-ever virtual, national campfire (minus the actual fire). Those who couldn’t join on the day were encouraged to be curious about the lands on which they live and work; to find the stories from those lands and their deep history. As Indigenous leaders, we want all Australians to connect and celebrate the country beneath their feet.