2021 Social Impact Report

Recover and thrive to make a tangible impact

Our purpose, to make an impact that matters, is more relevant than ever. There is no doubt COVID-19 has changed our world, our nation and our businesses. While the faster than expected economic recovery and the strong rebound in client demand after last year’s challenges were causes for optimism, the impact of the pandemic is clearly far from over and some changes will be permanent.

The COVID-19 crisis gave us the opportunity to look deeply into our organisation, our priorities and the changing needs of our clients. It required us to become laser-focused on where we can best make an impact. There were some difficult and uncertain times, but we persevered and adapted and have emerged stronger out the other side. We have a clear strategy and focus and stand ready to assist our clients, our people and our communities to successfully navigate this changed and ever-changing environment.

We are proud of our work with clients to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. From our ground-breaking work getting Virgin Australia back on track and assisting small businesses to deal with the impact of COVID-19, to helping our clients, including many in the not for profit sector, manage key risks and successfully deliver digital and workforce transformation programs of work.

We are well positioned to contribute to Australia’s recovery and growth. The stories in this report provide insights into the many ways we are already doing this to make a positive impact on society. Our strategy will see us invest more in being different and innovative and embrace diversity, sustainability, and walking (and working) together with First Nations People as key priorities. Our work to address mental health in the workplace and our holistic approach to climate change are further activations of our purpose.

We will intensify our focus on being leaders in digital and innovation, anticipating further uplift in the acceleration of digital channels for organisational engagement and transaction. We will compete strongly to attract, grow and retain the best talent while committing to diversity and inclusion in all its forms.

Aligned with our global firm but with a keen sense of local issues, we will continue to make our contribution where the opportunity and need for tangible impact is greatest.