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The economic costs of sexual harassment in the workplace

Deloitte Access Economics was engaged by the Treasury to estimate the economic costs of sexual harassment in the workplace, to inform the Australian Human Rights Commission’s National inquiry into sexual harassment in Australian workplaces.

The Deloitte Australia and New Zealand Bribery and Corruption Report 2020

Deloitte's biennial survey of Australian and NZ risk leaders reports their perspectives and experiences of bribery and corruption.

Global life sciences outlook 2020

Gene therapies, intelligent drug discovery and development, consumer wearables, telemedicine, and more what are some of the drivers transforming the life sciences sector? How can biopharma and medtech organisations create new value in 2020, while tackling various challenges? What are the metrics that matter?

Real Estate Predictions 2020

Deloitte's Real Estate Industry predictions, developed by Deloitte Netherlands, discusses the Real Estate trends for 2020 that will impact your business. Read about the effect of climate change on real estate, campus development, diversity & inclusion, and many more.

Crunch Time 11: The finance workforce in a digital world

Preparing to modernise your finance workforce.

Additional featured reports

CFO Sentiment | Edition 8

Rising uncertainty is challenging Australian CFOs and impacting their confidence about the financial prospects of their businesses going forward.

The future of global securities exchanges

Global securities exchanges have much to gain from automating nontrading operations, yet digital improvements in this area are lagging. Our new report explores the factors driving digital transformation in banking, the characteristics and capabilities of the exchange of the future, and guidance on how to get your transformation journey started.

The economic burden of epilepsy in Australia

Epilepsy Australia engaged Deloitte Access Economics to estimate the financial and loss of wellbeing costs of epilepsy to the Australian economy.

Tech Trends 2020

Tech Trends 2020 identifies the trends Deloitte believes will disrupt businesses in the next 18 to 24 months. Based on insights from Deloitte subject matter specialists, the world’s leading organizations, academic industry luminaries, and leading startups, venture capitalists, and technology providers, Tech Trends 2020 explores five key trends, shares examples from organizations on the front lines, and takes a look at what may come, beyond the next horizon.

Realizing the digital promise

Top nine challenges to digital transformation for financial institutions.

Libra: Shaping the evolution of financial infrastructure

Despite its advancements, the existing financial infrastructure seems to remain a constraint in an increasingly quickening global ecosystem in which information travels faster, work is increasingly virtual, and geographical borders are fading away. Such may be true because today’s existing financial system remains an artifact of decades of careful evolution, where traditional infrastructure intermediaries, transaction delays and fees are optimised, without really breaking through structural limitations.

Deloitte Financial Crime Symposium 2020

The Financial Crime Symposium series will be hosted in three locations in 2020 – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The "Crunch time" series for CFOs

From cloud computing and robotics to analytics, cognitive technologies, and blockchain, a new class of digital disruptors is transforming corporate finance. Examine digital disruptors and their impacts in our Crunch time series.

Looking Ahead: 2020 a new decade

Australia’s leading lenders and mortgage brokers predict a modest recovery in the nation’s overall lending growth. They anticipate the green shoots of the last few months of 2019 lending continuing into 2020.

Investment Management Outlook 2020

Crossing boundaries for profitable growth.

2020 Asia Pacific Regulatory Outlook

Rebuilding trust in financial services.

Tracking the trends 2020

The top 10 issues transforming the future of mining.

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