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Mobile nation 2019

In a report for the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) Deloitte Access Economics examines the impact of mobile on productivity in the Australian economy and the importance of mobile technologies in enabling workforce participation and productivity.

Economic benefits of improved regulation in the Australian trucking industry

Deloitte Access Economics has analysed the current state of regulations for heavy vehicles in the Australian trucking industry and the potential benefits of improved approaches to regulation for the Australian Trucking Association.

Federal Budget 2019-20

An election Budget and a Budget election.

The cost of pain in Australia

Deloitte Access Economics has prepared a report for Painaustralia that estimates the impact of chronic pain in Australia.

2018 Q4 Global CFO Signals™

In the seven surveys reporting in this quarterly round-up, we gain insight into the concerns facing many CFOs as they headed into the new year.

Additional featured reports

The impact of the TEQSA Act on the higher education sector

Deloitte Access Economics was engaged by the Australian Government Department of Education to undertake the Review of the Impact of the TEQSA Act on the higher education sector.

Harnessing public cloud opportunities in the government sector

Public cloud can enhance government operations and can support it in overcoming the challenges it faces in an increasingly complicated environment. How is the government sector using cloud, and what is holding the sector back from increasing use?

Real Estate Outlook 2019

Softer economic growth is likely to add to challenges facing the real estate outlook this year.

Reimagining human resources

Disruptive forces are sharply changing how we live and work, creating an imperative for enterprises to rapidly adapt. But there are several areas where the pace of change has yet to catch up with the new realities of business. Chief HR officers and their teams must take the lead with agility and sustain exponential value for the future of human resources.

Health & Wellness Progress Report

The latest Health & Wellness Progress Report, created in collaboration with The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), sees a progressive shift in how its members are working together to address the issues that matter the most to their consumers; and to empower their consumers, communities, and employees to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Tourism and Hotel Market Outlook

Strong growth remains on the cards, but headwinds on the horizon.

Sky is not the limit

With the global growth prospects strong, a renewed national focus, and an ambitious local industry, the space economy is an area that warrants understanding. Until now, there has been limited information about Queensland's space economy; its value, key players and growth prosects.

Financial crime - the world's most innovative industry

Financial crime is a continually evolving challenge for all businesses. This article discusses how effective management of financial crime can give an organisation the edge.

TMT Predictions 2019

2019 is here, and in the Technology, Media and Entertainment, and Telecommunication ecosystem, it looks like it’s going to be another exciting year, with major developments across the industry, enabled by exponentially developing technologies.

Insurance Industry Outlook 2019

Deloitte's Insurance Industry Outlook 2019 explores insurance industry trends and strategies to stay competitive amid sustained economic growth.

What is curdling the milk? The Challenges Facing the Australian Dairy Industry

This edition of the Agribusiness Bulletin explores the underlying reasons behind the decline in production (and confidence) among Australia’s dairy farmers, but also consider the longer-term prospects of a resilient sector.

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