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Economic and social impact of increasing Australia's humanitarian intake

Oxfam Australia commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to analyse the economic and social impact an expanded refugee program may have on Australia’s economy and society.

The economic benefits of improving social inclusion

The Special Broadcasting Service commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to quantify the economic dividend from raising the level of social inclusion in Australia.

Dollars and sense

Deloitte Access Economics has developed a Financial Consciousness Index for Compare the Market. It measures the extent to which a person is not just financially literate, but whether they are conscious of their ability to affect their own financial outcomes. In edition 2, the Index finds the average Australian remains financially conscious…. just a little less so.

Bank of 2030: Transform boldly

To be successful, the bank of the future will need to embrace emerging technology, remain flexible to adopt evolving business models, and put customers at the center of every strategy. Learn how we can help you transform boldly.

Value Beyond Compliance in Australia

Mining companies need new strategies to manage rising stakeholder demands, strategic risks related to social licence to operate, and increased regulatory requirements linked to socio-economic priorities. Now more than ever, demonstrating outcomes that address these needs is essential.

Additional featured reports

Benefits of small business digital engagement

For the first time, in 2019, there were more small businesses with high or advanced levels of digital engagement than those with basic or intermediate levels of engagement.

CFO Sentiment | Edition 7

Optimism amongst Australia’s CFOs has fallen again, amid concerns about both global and local economic conditions.

Emergency department presentations in Australia

This report for the Brewers Association of Australia examines the relative contribution of alcohol to emergency department presentations across years and jurisdictions, and makes comparisons with other published studies.

Mining: what story are we telling?

We continue to reinforce the fact that mining is Australia's heritage – and the backbone of our economic and social landscape, yet for the past decade the image and reputation of mining has been in decline.

The economic value of cloud services in Australia

Amazon Web Services commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to explore the economic value of cloud in Australia, including considering current use, benefits, barriers and the next steps for cloud.

Blockchain technology drives growth in the fresh food industry

Evolving technologies are spurring collaboration, partnerships, investment, and new opportunities to improve product quality and reduce food waste. Our latest report offers unique insights into blockchain food innovations and their effect on this rapidly growing market.

The social and economic cost of the North and Far North Queensland Monsoon Trough

Deloitte Access Economics was engaged by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority to analyse the social and economic costs of the Monsoon Trough in North and Far North Queensland.

Future of Food

Technological and consumer trends are changing the way we eat. This piece explores four potential futures for the food ecosystem in the Asia Pacific.

The economic cost of violence against children and young people

The Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People (ACYP) commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to provide updated estimates for the economic impact of violence against children and young people in NSW and Australia.

Insurance M&A Outlook 2019

What are the trends and drivers that will impact the insurance mergers and acquisitions market in 2019? How are tax reform, loosened regulations, and higher valuations expected to shape deal making? Will InsurTech continue to be in high demand? Learn why insurance M&A is well-positioned for growth in the year ahead in our new report.

Getting Cloud right: How can banks stay ahead of the curve?

Cloud is not the future or an emerging trend anymore it is the present and is a critical tool for financial institutions to stay competitive in today’s challenging business environment. The digitalisation in banks and the success of innovation using emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence largely relies on cloud computing.

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