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Harnessing the future of mobility

As social and technological trends converge and shape the way people and goods move from A to B, change is happening quickly. The public sector has a major role to play in making the emerging mobility ecosystem work for everyone.

The challenge of paying for smart cities projects

Often complex, with multiple sector stakeholders and unknown technology risks, smart cities projects require cities to identify innovative business models and alternative funding and financing mechanisms to make delivering smart infrastructure viable and financeable.

Donating and volunteering behaviour associated with religiosity

Deloitte Access Economics was engaged by The Study of the Economic Impact of Religion on Society (SEIROS) to examine the economic impact of religiosity (specifically, attendance at religious services of any organised religious denomination) on giving and volunteering behaviour in Australia, using data from a national survey of over 7,000 Australians.

Crunch Time IV: Blockchain for finance

We explore business blockchains and how they're transforming the work of finance organisations around the world. From cloud computing and robotics to analytics, cognitive technologies, and blockchain, a new class of digital disruptors is transforming finance work.

Impact of e-Conveyancing on the conveyancing industry

In a report for PEXA, Deloitte Access Economics has analysed the current experiences of practitioners using an electronic conveyancing system and estimated the potential benefits to the industry under a 100% digital process.

Additional featured reports

Meaningful brands

In the new world of commerce, with various paths to purchase, it will be harder for brands to influence the consumer. And with the rise of voice ordering and private label, brands will increasingly be at the mercy of an algorithm. This will create the ultimate test of the strength of the brand.

Federal Budget 2018-19

The Federal Treasurer, Mr Scott Morrison, handed down his third Federal Budget at 7.30 pm (AEST) on Tuesday 8 May 2018.

Deloitte Millennial Survey 2018 – the Australian cut

Australian millennials remain uneasy about the future: worried about terrorism, robots taking their jobs, and unemployment generally, and they have little confidence in the ability of business or politicians to help them.

Government levels playing field for foreign investment in Aussie farms

This edition of the Agribusiness Bulletin reviews the “Stapled Structures Integrity Package” recently released by the Federal Government, and its impact on foreign investment in Australian agricultural land.

REflexions - Issue 7

As postulated by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” True to this statement, research is at the heart of REflexions 7, with each article providing us with food for thought and a basis of deeper understanding.

Deloitte Australian Privacy Index 2018

In our 2018 Deloitte Privacy Index we examine how the top 100 brands in Australia communicate what they are doing with their customers’ personal information.

Real Estate Predictions 2018

The 2018 edition of Deloitte’s predictions for the Real Estate industry, examines the Real Estate trends for 2018 that could impact your business, including blockchain, co-working, robotics, and more.

The Corporate Bond Report 2018

Deloitte Access Economics was commissioned by FIIG Securities Limited to unpack the latest trends in Australia’s corporate bond market and consider what might happen next.

Social licence is key to Australian business survival

In this year’s annual CSR Review, the electricity, gas and water supply industry show stronger Corporate Social Responsibility management capabilities than last year (up 8% to 82%).

Moving the global travel industry forward

The travel industry across the globe has a progressive path laid out in 2018 with rising disposable incomes from both emerging and developed markets. Investments in innovation and emerging technologies will further fuel this growth.

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