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Media Consumer Survey 2017

The sixth edition of Deloitte’s Media Consumer Survey provides a snapshot of how Australians are consuming different media and entertainment and how this has changed over time.

Confidently Queensland

Queensland is in the midst of a transition from a once in a lifetime resources construction boom towards a more diversified and knowledge based economy, but the path to get there remains unclear and is challenging.

CFO Sentiment | Edition 3

Confidence amongst CFOs continues to improve alongside the positive fortunes of the global economy. That doesn’t mean that uncertainty doesn’t continue to prevail, but Australia’s most senior finance executives remain comfortable in the face of the challenges it presents. Risk appetite is up, innovation and technology – from blockchain to automation – remain keys to productivity improvements, and workforce wellness has emerged as an important focus.

Need a reason to save the Great Barrier Reef?

As the planet’s largest living structure and one of the world’s most complex and diverse natural ecosystems, the Great Barrier Reef is justifiably considered both priceless and irreplaceable. But what is it worth?

Women in the boardroom: Fifth edition

Women are still largely under-represented on corporate boards globally, despite continued efforts to improve boardroom gender diversity. Our fifth edition of our Women in the Boardroom report outlines efforts in over 60 countries to increase the number of women occupying board seats.

Bribery and corruption survey 2017

Is your management of bribery and corruption risk one step ahead, or falling behind? Deloitte asks Australian and New Zealand risk leaders for their perceptions and experiences.

Additional featured reports

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Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2017
The world’s 100 largest luxury goods companies generated sales of US$212 billion in FY2015, as consumers in emerging markets continue to drive luxury market growth.

Deloitte Australian Privacy Index 2017
In a data driven economy, organisations need to build trust with their employees as ultimately, employees are the guardians of an organisation’s data.

Australia’s Digital Pulse 2017
This report from Deloitte Access Economics and the Australian Computer Society provides an annual snapshot of trends in the Australian digital economy and workforce. This year, the report examines policies that can support technology-led growth and the digital workforce boom.

Shaping Future Cities – Make it Adelaide
Since the mid-1980s, Adelaide and South Australia’s economy has trailed the rest of Australia. The manufacturing industry is now much less important and while the other big manufacturing state, Victoria, has found new high-powered engines of growth, Adelaide’s been stuck behind in third gear.

Voice of Asia
The Voice of Asia series brings to life the challenges and opportunities facing the Asia Pacific region now and in the future. In the second edition we focus on how Asia is uniquely positioned to drive innovation, growth and connectivity – powered by digital engagement.

Federal Budget 2017-18
What can we expect from the Budget this year? From housing affordability measures to the cash economy and more, we take a look at the key budget issues across the tax terrain. Connect with us on Twitter (@FederalBudget) for the latest updates and analysis.

Retail trends: Vol. 2 - A guide to virtual and augmented reality for Australian retailers
VR and AR are new to the scene, but their applications for business are growing by the day. We explore some recent developments and outline how retailers can integrate the technology across their business.

ImagineSydney: Create
Imagine what it will take to drive the future state and prosperity of Sydney – one that is positioned to flourish over the next decade.

What’s over the horizon? Recognising opportunity in uncertainty
In the sixth edition of our Building the Lucky Country series, we ask ourselves what’s over the horizon? A question frequently asked in an increasingly uncertain world, the answer is more difficult to predict. The key to moving forward is seeking better and more detailed information about a wider range of possible futures. In What’s over the horizon? Recognising opportunity in uncertainty, we take a close look at three plausible futures for Australia.

Abolishment of 457 visa program
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has today announced the abolishment of the subclass 457 visa program. This announcement follows lengthy reviews and in-depth analysis of the subclass 457 visa program over recent years, and has been labelled as a government strategy to put ‘Australians first’.

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