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Shaping the board’s strategic direction on climate

The Chairperson’s Perspective

We are in a decisive decade to accelerate action against climate change. Choices made over the next decade will impact the world for centuries to come, and business leaders must be advocates for taking action to address climate change within their organisation and beyond.

Climate change is a global emergency. One that will impact every person on earth, and a challenge which will require collaboration across the public, private and financial sectors to address. Business leaders play a crucial role in the transition to a net-zero economy and are uniquely positioned to leverage their resources to collaborate and innovate on sustainability solutions across industries and disciplines.

Boards play a vital role in guiding businesses and markets towards a more sustainable future. They provide leadership and direction to management, ensuring that long term views are captured in current decision-making. Boards must be properly educated in order to ask the right questions – know where to push and how to find robust solutions. The aim is to bring together the best practices from chairs who are leading the way on climate, to continue pushing ambitions and raise the bar for positive action.

Deloitte, in association with the World Economic Forum and Climate Governance Initiative has designed three guides to reveal key insights from chairs leading climate action, consider how key stakeholder groups are responding to a climate driven future and help chairs understand the decarbonisation roadmap.

Each paper raises the critical questions chairs and board members should be asking each other and their executive leadership teams.

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