2021 Social Impact Report

Supporting students living with disadvantage

Our national community partnerships with not for profit organisations, aligned with our purpose and values, enable us to collaborate on in-depth projects resulting in sustainable long-term impact. In FY21 we worked with national community partners Oxfam, Many Rivers and The Smith Family.

Here we spotlight our work with The Smith Family, our newest community partner. Between June 2020 and May 2021, working with The Smith Family, Deloitte directly impacted the lives of 582 Australian students through sponsorship, career programs and training, among other support. We provided 1,447 volunteer hours on 509 occasions. We provided more than $115,000 through partnership donations, workplace giving, supporting the toy and book appeal and COVID-19 support.

Highlights included: supporting 12 students, including seven First Nations students, living in disadvantage through the Learning for Life program; providing 130 students from the Northern Territory and South Australia with TechPros training to develop and improve their foundational digital literacy skills; providing almost $5,000 to support additional students during the COVID-19 pandemic; enabling 80 students to attend career insight programs run by Deloitte offices; and sponsoring 51 students for one year on the Learning for Life program through workplace giving. During Deloitte’s key volunteering period, Impact Day, 161 Deloitte employees volunteered at The Smith Family, participating in a range of activities. One of our sponsored students, when asked what they wanted to learn next year, replied: “Tech. I love tech.” Another said, “Cooking. Because I don’t want to make my mum tired.” 

Reconnecting fire-affected families with clean water

Deloitte was a vital member of ‘Mission Rainwater’ through which families affected by the Black Summer bushfires across East Gippsland were once again connected to household water. This collaborative project was started by Tradies for Fire Affected Communities. The firm was introduced to plumber Dwayne Heath and a small network of other plumbers on a mission to restore water supplies to people in remote areas who had lost their homes and water tanks. As a plumber, Dwayne knew that having a water supply was a key first step to being able to rebuild. But he had no experience in the philanthropic sector and was also unknown by state and local government agencies.

Deloitte got behind Dwayne to help him build relationships with funders and government agencies. The firm took on the role of project management and within a few months Dwayne and his team were able to restore water supplies to 25 households in the Upper Murray. Dwayne then set his sights on East Gippsland where collectively we were able to raise further funds and restore water supplies to 50 households.

Dwayne has since gone on to develop the Fire Smart Tank which will automatically switch on and protect property assets during fire events; and he is working to bring in a new environmentally friendly fire retardant. According to Dwayne, “With the help received by Pete Williams and the team at Deloitte, Mission Rainwater grew from a small group of tradies into a well-oiled machine. I am truly thankful for all the guidance along the journey.” 

Sharing critical virtual knowledge with educators

School leaders and teachers have led Australian schools through the pandemic. Deloitte created its virtual Education Series to offer support and commitment to the education sector by sharing corporate intellectual property and thought leadership on the skills and characteristics that will be most critical and valuable as the Australian workplace and workforce continues to transform.

The Deloitte Education Series program is a series of short and interactive online webinars, relevant for K-12 school leaders and teachers. The series adapts Deloitte’s best practice in corporate leadership development and training in a tailored way for the education context. There is a focus on leaders’ skills and characteristics relevant to agile and contemporary leadership needed for workplaces and a workforce to be future-ready.

The program leverages Deloitte’s network of relationships to bring together school leaders and teachers from government, independent and Catholic sectors to connect, learn and develop together.

The first module comprised three sessions focused on fostering psychological safety and inclusive leadership. More than 60 school leaders attended the first session in April 2021, casting a ripple effect on approximately 21,150 teachers and students.

One participant commented: “The most valuable takeaway for me was hearing the experiences of others [regarding psychological safety and building trust in teams] and learning how they worked through the situations.”

The Education Series is an extension of Deloitte’s award-winning school leadership development program, Courageous Principals – a 2.5 day residential (in-person) program which aims to create exceptional leaders in education. 

Helping to streamline breast cancer care

The McGrath Foundation is a not for profit organisation that places and supports specialist breast cancer nurses throughout Australia to provide standardised care to women and men experiencing breast cancer. McGrath Breast Care Nurses (MBCNs) are specialist trained nurses providing support to patients from diagnosis, through to post-treatment and survivorship. The organisation fills significant voids in breast cancer care systems across the country.

Deloitte and the McGrath Foundation began an ongoing partnership in 2017. Since then, Deloitte has supported the development and growth of the McGrath Foundation and the breast cancer nursing program from 118 MBCNs in 2016-17, to over 160 MBCNs throughout the country today, and supporting more than 95,000 families since the McGrath Foundation started.

Deloitte has played a key role in enhancing the research and evaluation capabilities of the McGrath Foundation. The firm supported the development of a sustainable workforce cost model which identified areas of high need, as well as estimates of resourcing requirements to support potential demand in regions.

The McGrath Foundation has recently engaged Deloitte to conduct the evaluation of its Fourth Breast Cancer Initiative as well as contribute to a study on advanced cancer care which they are leading with other organisations.

The collaboration between Deloitte and the McGrath Foundation showcases the important role Deloitte can play in supporting the development and capability of social impact organisations, which have a real impact on improving the lives of vulnerable Australians.