2021 Social Impact Report

Deloitte and our people are proud to walk together with Australia’s First Nations people. Watch the video

Centring Indigenous communities

Our Indigenous practice is led by proud Bundjalung man and Partner, Joe Hedger who joined the firm early in FY22. It is focused on enabling Deloitte to play an impactful role for First Nations People and communities, bringing the whole of Deloitte on a journey to reimagine and reshape a nation that centres First Nations People and communities in a way that is authentic and durable. Key focus areas are Indigenous procurement – helping businesses to preference their spend on goods and services from Indigenous-owned businesses to help close the gap; and Evaluation – creating more meaningful ways of evaluating programs designed and delivered for Indigenous clients including bridging the Indigenous digital divide. 

Supporting Moi’s ambition to help heal his Country

Moigida (Moi) Loban is a proud Badulgal man from the island of Badu and a proud Maluilgal and Guda Maluigal man from the western region of the Torres Strait in far northern Australia.

Deloitte is sponsoring Moi to complete his secondary schooling at Churchie Grammar in Brisbane. This is through the firm’s longstanding relationship with Yalari, a not for profit organisation which provides education scholarships for Indigenous students from regional, rural and remote communities.

In March 2021, we caught up with Moi, who is now in Year 11, to learn more about his journey. “Coming to Brisbane five years ago was a massive contrast to where I grew up, which was all about my culture and heritage. There were no other Torres Strait Islander boys. So, it was lonely at first.” Moi said.

He quickly immersed himself in academic work and sport, playing basketball and volleyball as well as being a mentor to younger boys. On school holidays, Moi returns to the Torres Strait island of Badu to go hunting and fishing with his father, a ranger who is passionate about preserving the reef.

Moi remains very connected to country and wants to use his education to study marine biology so he can go back home and help heal the oceans and lands of the Torres Strait.

“I want to specialise in coral. Each time I go back home, I notice the coral bleaching and that crayfish are getting scarcer. I’d like to use my education to help the environment and hopefully make the world a better place.”

Yalari spokesperson Jenni Heenan thanked Deloitte “… for your amazing and continued support to bring about generational change. We could not support our Indigenous students without the belief and support of like-minded organisations like Deloitte.”

Informing Japanese companies on the Indigenous supply chain

Deloitte Australia’s Japanese Services Group worked with a number of Japanese companies operating in Oceania to help them understand the importance of the Indigenous supply chain in the context of procurement policies and business strategies in Australia. The Indigenous Supply Chain Stakeholder Dialogue was held on 16 February 2021. It involved discussions and learnings for future business operations, including how businesses could navigate and be ahead of the curve on this increasingly important aspect of doing business in Australia. The dialogue included Corinne Schoch, Head of Programmes, Global Compact Network Australia, which is part of the UN Global Compact.

Valuing Indigenous ways of seeing

Deloitte worked with Lowitja Institute, an Aboriginal-led research network that seeks to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through investment in research. We showed the impact of 148 research projects undertaken across the past 10 years. One key finding was that western conceptions of value do not always translate in the context of First Nations Peoples and paradigms.