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Social Progress Index results 2018

A global view of people’s quality of life, independent of wealth

The 2018 Social Progress Index measures what really matters to people – basic human needs, wellbeing and opportunity. This year’s index includes data from 146 countries on 51 indicators, covering 98% of the world population.

The 2018 Index results tell us the world is generally improving, with 111 countries, out of the 146 countries ranked, showing progress. This is largely driven by improvements in access to information, communications and advanced education driving social progress globally.

Yet, these advances remain slow and uneven, and the world is underperforming compared to what the average GDP per capita suggests is possible. This signals that we have the resources to be better and that rising GDP figures are masking real societal problems.

Australian results

Australia has dropped six places in 12 months on the 2018 Index. Australia’s fall from 9th to 15th place comes as other nations record greater improvement in key areas.

The Index notes Australia was marked down for high greenhouse emissions and for the refugees held on Manus Island and Narau. Australia maintains a strong standard of living, and scored highly in areas such as clean water, education, freedom of expression.

For more details, see the Social Progress Index analysis on Australia.

Read the media release and commentary on the Australian results.

Deloitte Global is a Strategic Partner of Social Progress Imperative (SPI), the non-profit behind the Index. Learn more about why Deloitte is working with the Social Progress Imperative.

Social Progress Index 2018

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Published: September 2018

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