Deloitte Stock Exchange Indices

The Deloitte Stock Exchange Index for each participating state is locally produced and tracks the performance of publicly listed companies headquartered in that state.

Each state's index, produced on either a monthly or quarterly basis is compiled from publicly available information provided by the ASX.

Broadly, a company's inclusion in a state index will be dependent on the location of its registered office or where a substantial portion of the company's operations is focussed, regardless of whether the company is dually listed.

The information on listed companies is extracted and summed to provide a cumulative market capitalisation figure for all companies in the state. If a company has been suspended or delisted during a particular period no data will be included for that month and all subsequent months until the company is re-listed or the suspension lifted. Historical information regarding the company’s market capitalisation will continue to be included in the calculation of the index.

Stock Exchange Indices:

South Australia
Western Australia

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