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Supporting young Australians in need through education.

For a handful of our family of charities, we also collaborate more deeply by building national community partnerships focused on delivering in-depth projects with sustainable, long-term impact. Like our work with The Smith Family, which saw our teams help 582 Australian students between June 2020 and May 2021.

Our relationship with The Smith Family is very dear to our hearts – the national children’s education charity helps Australian children experiencing disadvantage to succeed at school, so they can create better futures for themselves.

Its aim is best described by Doug Taylor, CEO, who said, “The organisation is a ‘national treasure’ that makes a difference in the lives of many Australian children and young people. Supporting a child’s education is the best way to help break the cycle of disadvantage. By giving children and young people in 91 communities across Australia the support and resources they need to achieve their full potential, our impact will have a lasting effect on those we help today, and for generations to come.”

No matter the skills, education sets up young Australians in need for long-term success. “Tech. I love tech,” and “Cooking. Because I don’t want to make my mum tired.” That’s what we heard when we asked some of the children and young people we helped last year through The Smith Family, about what they want to learn next year.

“The best thing about Work Inspiration was that people were motivated about their jobs and encouraged us to follow our dreams.”
Work Inspiration participant

The educational support we provide varies, based on needs. For example, our people got directly involved through The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program, which works with children who are at risk of achieving poorer educational outcomes, in comparison to their more advantaged peers. We closely supported 12 students – seven of whom were from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background – and further sponsored 51 students for one year (through our Workplace Giving program). And the Learning for Life program benefits are clear: students are more likely to attend school, complete Year 12, and be engaged in meaningful post-school employment or further education or training.

Every year, Deloitte produces a Social Impact Report to show examples of how we make an impact that matters in the communities in which we live and work. Our 2021 report will launch in early October 2021, and include this story, along with 49 others. You can also read the Global Social Impact Report.

Two other inspirational examples include our team members who provided 130 students from the Northern Territory and South Australia with TechPros training, so they can develop and improve their foundational digital literacy skills for future opportunities. And Deloitte colleagues across the country provided insights to 80 students who attended career insight programs run by our Deloitte offices.

Hannah Oxenham, a Deloitte analyst, recently reflected on what volunteering for The Smith Family’s Work Inspiration program meant to her. “The program brought Deloitte employees and Year 10 students together to encourage involvement in tertiary education. We provided examples of where a tertiary education could lead, and demystified both higher education and a corporate career. Students could truly see themselves in our shoes, and we also reflected on our own journeys. As a former recipient of The Smith Family’s assistance, I’m incredibly grateful that Deloitte gives me opportunities like this to give back.”

Deloitte is proud to make an impact in the community in many different ways – not just because it matters to our people, but because it’s the right thing to do. Rob Collie, Chair, The Deloitte Foundation and National Leader, Responsible Business, explains, “Charitable organisations were hit especially hard in FY20. Their revenues plummeted while the numbers of people seeking assistance from their services spiked. In FY21, we were able to make a total contribution to the community of A$20.9 million, working hard to continue to support our family of charities through those toughest of times. We did this through financial support, pro bono, volunteering and sometimes just lending an ear. The pandemic continues to hit hard. But, as we move to adjust with agility in our business and economic environment, we see a key role for ourselves as important enablers for our charities to undertake the digital transformations so necessary in the pandemic and post-pandemic world.”

“Our Foundation nurtures meaningful relationships with our national community partners like The Smith Family, as well as with our wider family of charities. Our expert teams provide skilled volunteering, low and pro bono solutions to organisations who would otherwise be unable to access our services. We also raise money through our workplace giving program for regular donations, and when crises occur. Every hour, every dollar, counts.”

Gerry Wilde, Director, Responsible Business