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Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow program

Deloitte and Westpac supporting small businesses

Through the Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow program, we are working alongside one of our most important clients to make an impact that matters for 200 small businesses and the Australian economy.

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One of our favourite ways to try to live our purpose is when we can partner with our clients and work towards a common goal. Through Westpac’s Businesses of Tomorrow program, we have been able to do this in a way that is really making an impact for Australian businesses.

It started, as all the best things do, with a big idea. To celebrate their 200th year of being in business in Australia and with Australians, Westpac have rolled out several great initiatives for employees, customers and partners. As a long term supporter of the businesses that have helped shape Australia for almost 200 years, the bank wanted a way to extend that support to the next generation of Australian businesses to help them thrive and succeed in a changing world.

And so, the Businesses of Tomorrow initiative came about. All Australian businesses were invited to apply and the winning 200 businesses, with the potential to help shape Australia’s future, receive recognition and support. In addition, 20 of these businesses will each receive a host of extra benefits.

We have had a long relationship with Westpac, and because of this, and our long-term role as a supporter of Australian business, Deloitte has provided assistance with this program in a variety of ways.

We’ve helped Westpac to raise awareness of the program through our own networks with entrepreneurs, small business, private and public organisations. Some of our experts have also weighed in on this exciting program and its impact on the economy. We provided the independent assessment and scoring of the applications and we’re working on ways to connect all of the winning businesses. Most excitingly, we’ll be one of the professional advisors to the winning businesses. This involves providing innovative, bespoke advice across four categories:

  • Plan for the Future
  • Money & Value
  • Digital & Technology
  • Human Capital

We’re excited to get started with the deserving winners of this year’s program, and we know that next year will see more great companies and outcomes in store.

You can see details of the winning 200 companies on the Westpac Business of Tomorrow page.

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