Digital Adaptable Organisations


Digital Adaptable Organisations

We increase organisational adaptability and resilience through operationalising virtual tools, empowering leadership and high performing teams; and defining cultural attributes and behaviours to support a hybrid of virtual and physical workplace.

There will be unexpected growth avenues in the year ahead but it’s anyone’s guess what they will be. Instead of predicting, let’s create the conditions for adaptability. That means a fundamental shift in how we lead, work and organise ourselves.

Today’s organisations are 19th century pieces of hardware trying to run 21st century software. 90%+ of companies want to experiment with new ways of working. 65% say most work is still command and control and functional. Our structures are heavy, slow and complex. Our risk, compliance and cyber security practices need to ensure safety and agility.

The Virtual Office

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The next wave of innovative organisations will be those that marshal the collective potential of people to solve those wicked problems and find those unexpected growth avenues. To do that we have to make organisations less frustrating, more inspiring, and with empowering leadership to work towards missions that matter.


To get started:

Virtual Office Sprint

Diagnosis around the virtual maturity of your business followed by a 5-day sprint to get you, your team and your office virtual in a week.

  • Provide strategic direction and plan of action to enable remote and virtual ways of working and safety in the workplace (short- and long-term)
  • Equip leadership with the basic knowledge on virtual ways of working, and confidence to take the next steps
  • Ensure that all the parts of organisation are accountable and engaged.


How we work:

High Performing Virtual Teams

We help organisations with the fundamental building blocks for creating a network of high performing virtual teams in the 'new normal’.

  • Defining team objectives and structure
  • Prioritising essential outcomes
  • Establishing metrics and mindset for continuous improvement
  • Optimising team rhythms, cadence and ways of working
  • Role-modelling leadership
  • Focussing on mental well-being and culture.

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Culture and well being

We can help you understand what Culture means in a virtual world and guide your leadership team to define, own, measure and shift culture to accelerate the delivery of your strategic outcomes by:

  • Articulating how target culture underpins the new normal
  • Understanding where and how current culture is enabling and blocking strategy
  • Activating culture through pulling the levers aligned to Work, Worker and the Workplace as well as behaviour first change.


Cyber Security

Understanding the sensitivity of your employee conversations and data sharing virtually, to select the technological products and secure ways of working.

  • Determine Sensitivity of Information
  • Understand the Participants
  • Suggest Virtual Tools and Communication Controls
  • Provide Guidance on how to use virtual tools to keep conversations and data secure.

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Providing guardrails for ethical privacy practices that and guidance on the regulatory parameters that organisations need to consider.

  • Understand the business environment and the nature of the data utilised in day to day business
  • Provide guidance on the appropriate frameworks and strategies that will enable free flow of data
  • Provide and deliver guidance on how staff can be protected and protect their clients / customers.

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How we lead:

Virtual Leadership

We help organisations build resilient leaders that can lead through crisis, change and uncertainty in a virtual environment by:

  • Equipping leaders with the qualities of resilient leadership to guide their enterprises through the COVID-19 crisis
  • Enabling leaders to solve unprecedented challenges
  • Empowering leaders to lead effectively in a virtual world.


Where we work:

Phy-gital Workplace

We help organisations integrate the best of physical space with digital practice to re-invent the role of the office. We embrace the state of constant change to optimise investment in design and uncover new value in physical space.

  • Workplace optimisation & advisory: Creating a safe return to work, Re-defining the ambition
  • Workplace in a box: Providing a new holistic ‘kits of parts’ to support new ways of working
  • Hybrid workplace strategy & design: Re-inventing our workplace as a living ecosystem.


Enterprise system of work:

Adaptable Operating and Delivery Systems

We help your entire organisation or specific functions transform to virtual by defining and developing the processes, structures and roles. We assess and develop a transformation approach and organisation’s operating model with a view to increase organisational adaptability and resilience.

We help you simplify your business or function, improve “supervisory burden” of leadership through optimisation, sustainably reduce costs to drive long term continuity, and clarify decision rights.

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Enterprise Adaptability

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