Following the impacts of COVID, supply-side shocks are driving higher inflation, rising interest rates and real wage stagnation and millions of Australians are feeling the pinch. As household budgets get squeezed, how can people plan for tomorrow and pay for it today? Australians desperately need reliable, trustworthy, affordable advice.

This is a pivotal moment for the super and wealth industry. Now is the time to be bold; to innovate, accelerate and lead with smart advice solutions to give Australians of every age and at every stage of their financial journey, access to affordable financial advice.​

The sector has an opportunity to lead Australia towards a more secure, sustainable and resilient future. But it must consolidate digital trends accelerated during the pandemic and continue transforming to meet customer, investor and societal expectations, more efficiently, effectively and at scale.

By leading with innovation and integrity today, a more prosperous tomorrow is possible for everyone.


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Neil Brown

National Investment & Wealth Management Leader