Building a better tomorrow

Across six highly anticipated industry summits in 2022, Deloitte and the Australian Financial Review are driving powerful conversations on Australia’s most critical issues.

Join us as we connect people, shape agendas and encourage debate around the trends, challenges and opportunities of today and into the future. Help shape the answers to critical issues such as innovation, the future of work and social impact seen through the intersections of resilience, climate and sustainability, digital transformation and the future of trust.

As part of these conversations, in 2022 we ask:

  • What could the Australia of 2030 look like? What would be better?
  • What needs to be true for business, government and our community to make this our reality?
  • How can we enable leaders, businesses and governments to be more resilient, innovative, climate conscious and responsive to constant disruption?

You’re invited to join the conversation, connect with leaders and be inspired by the diverse ideas, opinions, insights and experiences of the people at the forefront of your industry.

Deloitte has teamed with the Australian Financial Review to create experiences that bring together Australia’s most influential business leaders, disrupters, innovators, game changers, and policy setters. Together we seek to solve the most pressing problems for business and governments and ultimately create a bright future for all Australians.

Matt McGrath, Deloitte Global & Asia Pacific Chief Marketing Officer






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