Transparency Report


Transparency Report 2019

Audit & Assurance

We are committed to the consistent execution of high-quality audits and professional excellence.


At Deloitte, we are focused on making an impact that matters to our clients and communities.

We do this by delivering independent high-quality audits, pursuing opportunities and addressing challenges to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, investors, capital markets and regulators.


We are continuing to transform our Audit & Assurance business by adopting advanced technologies, fresh approaches and new, disruptive perspectives.

We are also bringing innovation into the core of how we perform an audit. As a result, clients experience more efficiency and deeper insights.


As a member firm of the Deloitte global network, we harness the power of global investments in innovation and quality, and access to global/regional resources and local expertise.

We see our Transparency Report as an opportunity to share our passion for professional excellence – in maintaining investor confidence in the capital markets and bringing true value across the industry through high-quality audits.

Transparency Report 2019

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Deloitte supports the ASIC inspection process and we are encouraged by ASIC’s move to a broader range of measures to determine quality. In the interests of transparency we have released our private report for the 18-month period to 30 June 2018. We note that in this inspection no restatements to financial statements (0%) were required as a result of the findings ASIC identified.

We continue to engage with ASIC on measures to enhance audit quality and will play our part to in enhancing confidence further in financial reporting.

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