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Imagine an audit where you get the core delivered expertly and efficiently - plus a view of the big risks to realising your vision. This is what the Deloitte 360° Audit delivers.

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Traditional audits provide the core assurance you need over your financial reporting and regulatory requirements. This is fundamental and the foundation on which the Deloitte audit is built. However, the world in which we operate has changed. Community expectations have shifted. A traditional audit is not enough. You need a 360° view.

You need to ask yourself:

  • What else?
  • What opportunities are we missing?
  • What’s around the corner?

Your 360° Audit will give you access to the greatest depth and breadth of capability in professional services in the country, helping you realise your ambitions. The 360° Audit delivers a best in class core financial and regulatory audit and can also provide a view on key risks to the execution of your business strategy. For example, this could include:

Customer and conduct

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Jamie Gatt

Jamie Gatt

Financial Services, Audit & Assurance

Since joining Deloitte in 1989 Jamie has served large listed multinational clients in Australia, the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Prior to his current role, Jamie was the Managing Partner of A... More