My Incentive Plan


My Incentive Plan

Streamlining share-based payment accounting and management

My Incentive Plan is a user-driven share-based payment accounting and management system that uses automation to calculate expenses, estimate future expenses, and generate AASB 2 compliant accounting remuneration reports in minutes, all the while reducing the risks involved in the share-based payments accounting process.

My Incentive Plan

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Store and manage your share-based payment data on our secure platform. Calculate expenses through an automated engine to eliminate the risk of manual errors.

Generates expenses for all scenarios under your remuneration policies, including leave scenarios, employee terminations and new hires.

Appropriate for all entities from pre-IPO start-ups to established multinational corporations with thousands of grant offerings across different locations.

Test vesting, termination and plan issuance scenarios to gauge the potential impact of new plan issuances on your financial statements.

Reduce the risks associated with incomplete audit trails through an entirely automated, documented and tracked process.

Adaptable to suit all accounting standards and geographical requirements.

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An annual subscription to My Incentive Plan grants you access to the entire platform where you can perform as many calculations as required.

  • Upload inputs tailored to your internal HR system outputs
  • Store all calculations within a secured database with user controls and an audit trail
  • Calculate share-based payment expenses automatically
  • Perform detailed scenario testing
  • Generate accounting journal entries
  • Calculate additional accounting figures such as provisional expenses and true-ups
  • Export expenses for seamless integration into accounting and management systems
  • Tailor the outputs to your REM Reporting policies.
My Incentive Plan

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Lammert Vos

Lammert Vos

Partner, Audit & Assurance

Lammert is a Partner in Deloitte’s Treasury & Capital Markets valuations team. He is an AASB2 Share-Based Payments valuation expert and has extensive valuation experience in assisting many of Deloitte... More

Jack Liu

Jack Liu

Director, Treasury and Capital Markets

Jack is a Director in the Deloitte Treasury and Capital Markets Advisory practice. He has over 10 years of experience providing assurance and advisory services to a wide range of clients in Australia,... More