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Quantitative Finance Solutions

Quantitative Finance Solutions (QFS) is a multi-disciplinary tech-savvy team crossing different areas including financial products and risks, algorithms and solution acumen to solve complex matters relating to finance.

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Algorithm Assurance

Algorithms are embedded in jobs and every day life more extensively and profoundly than ever before, thanks to the combined effect of digital transformation, new workforce, and the ever-evolving need to get ahead.

Achieving disciplined algorithm behaviour is now a strong priority. We are here to help:  

  • Advise on algorithm risk management strategy and governance framework across the algorithm lifecycle
  • Assess accuracy, suitability and sustainability of algorithms
  • Assess strength of algorithm risk management governance and its implementation
  • Assure algorithms for regulatory and other compliance purposes. Click to find out more about our algorithm assurance services.

Case studies:

  • How to use digital footprints to diagnose algorithm-enabled process – Click to see.
  • Unboxing the box – Click to see

Solution Implementation

We solve complex issues using data, mathematics and algorithms. ‘Translating’ business requirements into language a computer could understand - or vice versa.

Our solutions take multiple perspectives and avoid silos. We design alongside you, as your perspective and learnings are important. Our experts develop with standard and test with transparency.

Case studies:

  • Remediation calculators (Contact us to request a presentation)
  • Accounting calculators, for example, AASB 2, 9, 16 & 17
  • Regulatory reporting, for example, Credit risk, APRA, Basel III transition (Contact us to request a presentation of the solution)

Quantitative Finance Research and Development

If you have an idea or question in mind, we can help:

  • Validate and future proof business needs and ideas by evidence-based experiments
  • Perform impact assessment, including scenario analysis and stress testing of any regulatory or business changes, or adoption regulatory and industry standards
  • Produce quantitative research papers for business insights and decision making
  • Provide training or project management to help business set-up or extend in-house capabilities

More information can be found here.

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Lucy Peng

Lucy Peng

Partner, Audit & Assurance

Lucy leads the Quantitative Finance Solutions practice in Deloitte Audit & Assurance. She thrives on solving complex issues using data, algorithms and mathematics. Lucy has over 13 years’ experience i... More

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    Take a look at the products and services we offer.

    Share-based payments

    Share-plan valuation and management reporting made easy. Accurate valuations of share plans and tracking of vesting performance for ASX-listed companies through an accessible self-service tool.

    Incremental Borrowing Rate

    Our solution calculates Incremental Borrowing Rates (“IBR’s”) tailored to your entity’s lease portfolios and in compliance with AASB 16 and IFRS 16 requirements, through an easy-to-use and innovative digital application.

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