share-based payments


Share-based payments

Share-plan valuation and management reporting made easy

Accurate valuations of share plans and tracking of vesting performance for ASX-listed companies through an accessible self-service tool.

How does it work?


Key benefits

Have confidence
  • Build and review your plan before requesting Deloitte’s certification.
Daily insights into your plans performance
  • Gain a consolidated view of share-based plan performance, including TSR and ranking so you can monitor expected vesting performance.
Cost effective share-plan valuations delivered to you within minutes
  • Get specialist valuation reports on demand. Receive draft reports in a matter of minutes, and certified reports in hours rather than weeks. Confidential, reviewed and backed by Deloitte.
Stay in control
  • This is a comprehensive way to value your share plans, track their performance, and stay compliant with AASB 2, IFRS 2, and the relevant elements of APES 225

Share-based Payments is in compliance with the Australian Accounting Standard Board (AASB) standard AASB 2.

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Black-Scholes Valuations - $499 (excl. GST)
  • Black-Scholes valuations only
  • 1 certified report
  • 1 draft (unlimited edits)
  • Price per valuation
Binomial Valuations - $999 (excl. GST)
  • Binomial valuations
  • 1 certified report
  • Daily vesting tracking (TSR and SAR tranches only)
  • 1 draft (unlimited edits)
  • Price per valuation
TSR and SAR Valuations - $2,999 (excl. GST)
  • Monte-Carlo (TSR and SAR)
  • 1 certified report
  • 1 draft (unlimited edits) 
  • Price per valuation
TSR Tracking - $2,999 (excl. GST)
  • Relative TSR tracking against peer group
  • Daily update of performance displayed in dashboard format
  • Reports available on request via your practitioner (for additional fee)
  • Annual subscription price per TSR tranche tracked

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Lammert Vos

Lammert Vos

Director, Treasury and Capital Markets

Lammert is the lead Director in Deloitte’s Treasury & Capital Markets valuations team. He is an AASB2 Share Based Payments valuation expert and has extensive valuation experience in assisting many of ... More

Denver Krause

Denver Krause

Senior Manager, Treasury Capital and Markets

Denver is a Senior Manager with 5 years’ experience Deloitte’s Treasury and Capital Markets Valuation team and 6 years valuation experience prior to joining Deloitte. He has extensive experience in AA... More

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