Unlock the power of Deloitte's SMSF audit, a smart, secure solution designed specifically for SMSF accountants and administrators. Built with advanced automation to simplify your audit process, reduce risk and lower costs.

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Key benefits

Tailored to suit you

A single point of contact

Regular, clear and consistent communication

Improved processes

You want a solution that adapts to the way you work, not the other way around. No matter how big or small your practice, we’ll work with you to make sure we can integrate seamlessly with your existing processes.

You’ll have a single point of contact you can reach out to whenever you need. This helps create a smooth workflow and fast turnaround time.

No one likes surprises. So we deliver regular, clear and consistent communication of issues as soon as they arise, no exceptions. We discuss these issues with you before any formal reports are sent to the client.

On a quarterly basis we help improve your processes by identifying trends in your client base, common breaches and missing documents. Our custom reports give you the power to judge both your performance and ours.


Why Deloitte?

We take a commercial approach to SMSF audits, tailoring how we work to suit your processes, and providing regular, clear and consistent communication to prevent surprises. It’s a workflow that works for you.

Consultative approach


A user-friendly secured dashboard provides complete visibility to help improve your workflow. All communications between your designated auditor, yourself and the SMSF trustee is managed via our SMSF audit platform making communication easily trackable.


Automated third-party datafeeds


Our investment in technology and innovations including direct feeds from major SMSF software providers and share registries (Computershare, Link Market Services and Boardroom), is redefining the SMSF audit with high standard of data integrity, efficient workflows and lower costs. Reimagine what's possible with your revenue stream and make your business more competitive.


Fixed fee


By automating much of the SMSF audit process through direct data feeds and robotics, we have been able to reduce the cost to a highly competitive rate. Our fixed fees start from $400+GST providing you cash-flow certainty for the year ahead. Reach out to discuss fixed fee options where there are high volumes of funds.

How does it work?


Automated import

Upload your client’s SMSF documentation, following our audit checklist, to our SMSF audit platform. We will pull the financial data that supports the financial statements automatically from your accounting software (BGL/Class/Supermate).


Turnaround 2-5 days

We conduct the audit of the fund and communicate with you throughout the process, with full visibility of the audit progress. Audits are completed within 5 days for complying funds or 2 days for urgent funds. We provide our audit clearance through our SMSF audit platform.


Final audit report

Upload the signed client’s SMSF financial statements and representation letter. Once received, the audit report will be released within 24-48 hours on our SMSF audit platform.


This is a video component.

How to choose an SMSF auditor

Choosing an SMSF auditor for your business can be a valuable business decision, so we’ve put together a list of questions to consider.

Perhaps the best question you can ask. Does the auditor have a clear understanding of how to create value for your business? Does the auditor have the experience and technical knowledge to ensure the audit process is relevant and of value to you and your clients?

Are your audits being performed by qualified SMSF audit professionals you can easily speak to? The ability to communicate directly with your auditor is vital in building a long-term trusting relationship.

It’s only natural that someone who specialises solely in SMSF audits will have a more in-depth technical knowledge and greater experience in dealing with the complex issues that can arise. A true SMSF audit specialist will have experience auditing a wide range of SMSF strategies, so you don’t have to waste your time educating the auditor.

The best predictor of future performance is past performance. Experience, reputation and references are important to consider.

If a breach does occur, you want to know your auditor will do everything in their power to help you rectify it, no matter who is at fault.

Regular quality control reviews give you peace of mind that the auditor takes audit quality seriously. When did the auditor last submit to a quality control review, and have they maintained their professional indemnity insurance?

It might sound obvious, but it’s often assumed and not checked. Only an ASIC Registered SMSF Auditor has the training and accreditation you can rely on.

Finally (though it’s often asked first), you need to know the cost. The real cost with no hidden surprises! You should consider what kind of fee structure is best for your business and your clients. For example, a fixed fee structure gives you and your clients certainty.


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