Workplace Integrity 

Building trust between employers and employees to create positive workplace culture that drives business performance

Deloitte’s Workplace Integrity practice offers a suite of solutions that are tailored to organisations to give them confidence that they are compliant with their employment obligations to their employees, and have the right people, right processes and right systems to ensure good conduct into the future.

Our Capabilities and focus

We blend specialist workplace relations expertise with experience in strategy, compliance and conduct to help organisations build workplace integrity through: 

(1) Identifying workplace compliance, conduct or behavioural  vulnerabilities across their employees, contractors and sub-contracting arrangements;

(2) Assessing any risk (including systemic and cultural implications);

(3) Advising on remediation, practices for sustainable compliance and prevention through the lens of people, process and system;

(4) Co-designing monitoring and governance frameworks to support and embed good conduct; and

(5) Supporting regulator (i.e. Fair Work Ombudsman) and stakeholder engagement.   

We also support businesses to simplify their industrial relations landscape (for example, through enterprise bargaining strategy) and to navigate regulatory and political/policy changes to reduce the complexity of doing business in Australia and so that business spend more time with their customers.

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Natalie James

Natalie James

Partner, Workplace Integrity

Natalie is a Partner within the Assurance and Advisory practice group, leading a team focused on enhancing businesses’ Workplace Integrity and compliance with workplace laws. Natalie is an experienced... More