What’s over the horizon? Recognising opportunity in uncertainty: Part 2


Part 2 - Three scenarios for Australia

How to prepare leaders for the future

A narrow focus doesn’t work – multiple views of the future to give leaders the information they need

In Part 2 of What’s over the horizon? Recognising opportunity in uncertainty, we take a close look at three plausible futures for Australia and the impact these scenarios have on multiple industries, sectors and locations.

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What’s over the horizon? Recognising opportunity in uncertainty

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Explore the three scenarios for Australia

China tips into recession – consider the unseen effects

A sharp slowdown in China would bring Australia's world-beating record run of growth to a shuddering halt, sending unemployment soaring and house prices plunging. But these are just the headlines on what might happen. This scenario takes you through what a China slowdown would look like for Australia in detail. We discuss how likely this is to happen in China, what might cause it, and the effects it would have in Australia on the economy.

Australia surfs Asia’s third wave – slipstream into the world’s fastest growing markets

The best and brightest future for Australia is essentially ‘more of the same’ as we ride Asia’s boom to a better future. If achieved, the maturing book in Asia would see the region’s rising middle-class consumers power a new set of opportunities for our nation, generating a range of potential growth sectors across the economy. This scenario looks in detail at what the next booms might be, the main sectors that would benefit, and what Australia needs to get right at home to reap the benefits from this potential.

Australia gets cyber smart – act with confidence, accelerate growth

This scenario is one that sees Australian businesses, government and families successfully deal with cyber risk. If we do that, we can invest more freely in digital innovation, and generate a growth dividend for the nation. We look at how likely it is that Australia can do this, and what the outcomes would be for the economy over a 20 year period.

Explore the other two parts of What’s over the horizon? Recognising opportunity in uncertainty, the sixth instalment of our Building the Lucky Country Series:

Part 1: Has uncertainty caused us to pause global investment looks at how uncertainty, complexity and the related caution they bring, have been affecting the global and Australian economy.

Part 3: How can leaders prepare for a positive future looks at how organisations can use scenarios to give them competitive advantage in their planning.

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