What’s over the Horizon? Recognising opportunity in uncertainty: Part 3


Part 3 - How can leaders prepare for a positive future?

Practical steps for leaders to navigate uncertainty

Use scenario planning to turn uncertainty from an inhibitor of progress to a catalyst for growth.

In Part 3 of What’s over the horizon? Recognising opportunity in uncertainty, we set out some practical steps for leaders to follow to ensure their business can navigate uncertainty. Rising uncertainty means that change can arrive faster, and its consequences can be more unexpected: that means the value of thinking about plausible futures has risen by a lot. But we’re in the same old rut - most organisations haven’t really changed the depth, frequency or methods of how they think about what may come next. The future may be uncertain, but it isn’t entirely unknown. The better the information you can bring to bear, the smarter your strategy can be. Scenario planning is one way to get better information.

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What’s over the horizon? Recognising opportunity in uncertainty

Register to download the report

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Want to know what the future holds? Watch the video with Deloitte’s Chris Richardson to find out what’s next.

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