Build an incredible future. For you and our planet.

Our changing climate. The deglobalisation of supply chains. A critical energy transition. The coming decade holds both unprecedented challenges and extraordinary opportunities.

By taking bold action, businesses, governments, and communities can create an incredible, deeply collaborative future. One that’s more productive, equitable and sustainable.

With over 400 specialists across Australia, our Climate & Engineering Consulting practice brings together a range of leading capabilities to develop solutions to accelerate these transformations.

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We apply strategy, innovation and venture thinking, circular economy and product lifecycle design expertise, workforce, asset, and operations excellence with emerging technologies across the digital and physical worlds to help clients realise sustainable, resilient, and inclusive futures.

We do this as part of three teams that work together to leave a lasting impact that matters.

In an ever-changing world, businesses are being asked to identify and manage their environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks – from supply chain transparency to decarbonisation. But with these risks comes the unique and extraordinary opportunity to shape a more vibrant economy.

Drawing from deep experience and cutting-edge capabilities, our Sustainability and Climate Consulting team helps Senior Executives, CEOs and clients understand, engage with and act on their ESG-related risks and opportunities so they can thrive in a low-emissions, resilient and inclusive economy.  

We provide the following services for clients:

  • Sustainable Customer, Product and Service Innovation: We work with clients to develop innovation strategies; design, build and commercialise new solutions and ventures; and build organisational capabilities needed in the climate transition.
  • Climate-led Operations Transformation and Supply Chains: We help organisations to reduce environmental waste, carbon emissions and inefficiencies as part of core operations and throughout supply chains, in parallel with improving productivity and reducing costs.
  • Digital Climate Solutions: Using digital technologies, we help organisations design and deliver products – for both their customers and operations - that help create a more sustainable economy and environment.
  • Sustainable and Climate-driven Workplace and Workforce Transformation: We help clients define their future workforce to align business priorities with the evolution of work, workers and the workplace, and transform to support new business models and digital capability.
  • Emissions Solutions: Technology advisory services and a suite of circular economy and emissions-negative solutions to help clients reach net zero.
  • Indigenous Services Group: Our people work with clients and communities to solve complex problems by understanding their values, purpose and aspirations. And we help unlock new possibilities by reimagining a nation, economy and value chains that centre on First Nations wisdom, knowledge and opportunities.
  • Social Impact Consulting: Supporting social sector organisations and government agencies to deliver greater social impact aligned to their vision and mission.

We help asset-intensive businesses harness ingenious solutions to get so much more for less.

Our Asset Management & Performance Consulting team helps organisations redesign their operating models, deliver capital and transformation programs, and implement cross-industry best practices with a clear mission: to make your assets more productive, more profitable and more capable of empowering a successful business.

We provide the following services for clients:

  • Operations Transformation for Asset-Intensive Industries: We deliver transformation strategies and change roadmaps that reimagine operations, deliver sustainable operational and process efficiencies, and help capital go further in asset-intensive industries.
  • Major Capital Project and Program Delivery Excellence: We bring together cutting-edge technology, innovative thinking, and an understanding that collaboration across hundreds of suppliers is now a BAU requirement for today’s capital programs; helping clients to drive value across all stages of the asset lifecycle through Intelligent Major Capital Projects.
  • Digital Asset Information: We help clients optimise their fixed and mobile asset investments through digital standards and governance processes that allow them to rapidly move into the world of Digital Asset Management.
  • Specialist Asset Management and Engineering: We help clients identify and implement asset reliability and engineering controls, optimised processes and capabilities that improve productivity and efficiency.

Our Industrial Redesign and Innovation team is dedicated to helping the built environment change with it – to be more sustainable and economically resilient.

We focus on full-stack transformation across existing and emerging industries through world-class advisory, design consulting, technology implementation and product lifecycle management. It’s these capabilities that have seen entire value chains transform across industries like defence, transport, manufacturing and energy.

We provide the following services to clients:

  • Industry Strategy and Ecosystems: Our Industry Strategy and Ecosystems team shapes the strategic direction of evolving and emerging industries. We support organisations and their ecosystems to understand and respond to prevailing global challenges, creating outcomes that will leave the world in a better place than we found it.
  • Value Chain Transformation: With offerings such as Illuminate, we build resilience through digital intelligence that provides visibility of your supply chains, improving transparency across multiple tiers. We help you leverage big data analytics and augmented intelligence to generate comprehensive supplier network maps, identifying opportunities and risk exposures, and turning them into actionable, industry-specific insights.
  • Digital Twins and Simulation: We help clients reimagine their ecosystems by converting the physical to digital with our digital twin, simulation, and machine learning technologies. Through Optimal Reality, we build better understandings– of now and of the future – so clients can control and action change in real-time, with tangible results.
  • Product Strategy and Lifecycle Management: We create smart, safe and sustainable products along the digital thread so you can manage, simulate and improve assets, from business needs through to disposal. 

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