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Human Capital Careers

In Human Capital, we believe people are the heart and soul of every business. And our simple mission is to help organisations unlock their people’s full power so they can be their best, every day.

What does Deloitte Human Capital Consulting do?

Future proofing organisations. Accelerating the digital and adaptable enterprise. Redesigning work. Optimising the Human Capital balance sheet. Elevating the human experience. These are just some of the complex issues our Human Capital practitioners work on. We work with our clients to shape and deliver courses of actions across their enterprises that look beyond the traditional boundaries of human resources to maximise workforce performance and unlock value.

Deloitte’s Human Capital practice addresses people issues across multiple industries, companies, and functions to reimagine organisations’ work, workforces and workplaces.

While every organisation will have a different starting point, we believe the ultimate end goal should be the same: to redefine the importance of work in future. It takes careful cultivation of the right leadership, environment, structure, systems, culture and technology to elevate the way we work and live. We have the depth and breadth of experience to tackle these complex business issues – and then deliver through world-class execution.

We combine technology with the human experience to unlock creativity and connection to create meaningful work. When done right, work is the key to rewarding productivity and delivering stronger bottom-line results.

Our 600+ strong Human Capital practice is built on a deep understanding of the role of culture, structure, technology, psychology, integrity and governance. We are diverse, with a wide variety of skills, passions and experiences. What unites us is our collective purpose – to make work better for people, and people better at work.

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My role in our Human Capital team allows me to work with leading organisations to tackle their most complex people challenges. Depending on the engagement, I could be defining future workforce strategies, conducting workforce planning and analytics, designing leadership strategies and development programs, setting talent management practices, providing learning advisory or helping clients imagine and move to future of work models.

There are endless opportunities to flex and expand your knowledge and capabilities. Our diverse range of leaders means you can work across industries, and our fun and hardworking culture makes you feel energised. Deloitte is what you make of it and I would encourage those ready to jump in and enjoy the ride.

– Lucinda Johnson, Senior Consultant, Sydney

Lucinda Johnson

Joining our team as a Graduate

As the human capital consulting market booms – it’s projected to far outpace the growth rates of other consulting services – we offer the global reach, resources, and commitment necessary to make the most of this burgeoning opportunity. There’s no better place to launch a consulting career focused on human capital issues.

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