Insight Night

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Insight Night

Calling all STEM students! This isn’t any ol’ careers night. It’s your chance to get your hands dirty and to see where your degree can take you at Deloitte.

Why attend Insight Night

Because at Deloitte, we’re more than a bunch of accountants. We’re also tech heads, data lovers, maths nerds and scientists. We love solving some of our clients most challenging problems, and we’re keen to share our projects with you and hear your thoughts.

On the night, you’ll get to meet some of these awesome teams:

  • Cyber – Our team of white-hat hackers, coders and infosec experts 
  • Digital – Our tech nerds and creatives who magically turn caffeine into ideas 
  • Analytics – Our data geniuses and excel ninjas who eat algorithms for breakfast.

Applications are currently close and will reopen in 2018

Who should attend Insight Night

Insight Night is open to Aussie uni students who are currently studying a degree in:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Maths

International students are eligible to register, but are required to meet the following criteria.

Registration process

Our registration process includes the following steps:

  • Register your interest online by logging onto Deloitte’s student portal yourfuture
  • Create a profile and tell us about yourself, and which Deloitte team you’re interested in networking with
  • If you’re successful, our team will get in touch to confirm you’ve secured a spot.

Key application dates

Application dates vary depending on location, so be sure to check which dates apply to you.


 Applications open

 Applications close


 10 July

 9 August


 10 July

 30 July


 10 July

 3 August


 10 July

 9 August

Insight Night dates

Insight Night is run across these 4 national offices:
Melbourne – Thursday 3 August
Sydney – Thursday 17 August
Brisbane – Wednesday 9 August
Perth – Tuesday 15 August  

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