Legal careers

Life at Deloitte

Legal careers

We see ourselves as a small law firm and trusted advisor for one client - Deloitte.

We are a diverse, interdisciplinary in-house legal team that can adapt our services to meet the needs and circumstances of the business.

What we do

Our team adopts a commercial approach in providing sound legal advice on all aspects of Deloitte’s operations. We draw on our deep knowledge of Deloitte, its operations and its people and work with the business to:

  • Enhance the quality and profitability - while reducing the level of risk - of client engagements, proposals and tenders
  • Facilitate growth through mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances
  • Protect Deloitte’s brand
  • Identify and manage issues, circumstances and claims that might impair Deloitte’s reputation.


Our beliefs

We believe that:

  • Our people are our brand
  • We live in a continuous learning environment
  • Teamwork beats individual brilliance every time
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