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We assume and encourage you to have other roles in life - you can be a student, a teacher, a passionate hobbyist and a caring family member...we're innovative and different because you are.

We are more because you are more

Our strong team culture will give you the confidence and experience to solve problems and to not be afraid of having bold and innovative ideas. No project is ever the same; the pace of change within the industry and technology domains is constantly evolving, always challenging us to take a unique approach to our engagements

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“Every day at work for me is different from the previous. Whether I’m working with a financial services client to developing an enterprise data strategy, or implementing data governance capabilities in the public sector, there is always the opportunity to test new ideas, meet new people and to do things differently. In a fast growing practice and a dynamic market, there is room for everyone in our team to contribute to our practice agenda. The variety, variability and team culture that this creates keeps me challenged and excited!” - Helena Hamilton, Partner, Analytics & Cognitive

I specifically chose and wanted to work with Deloitte.  I was excited by the ability to work for a Tier 1 technology consulting firm, a firm with an incredible culture and the ability to engage with high value clients in a challenging work environment.  To be successful as part of the graduate selection process was a personal as well as professional high. Launching my career at Deloitte has already provided me with many learning opportunities and experiences that I had never imagined. On my first day, I was assigned to a project, working and contributing directly to a deliverable.  The work environment is extremely positive with the team always providing insightful, humble and helpful assistance. I have recently joined Women in Consulting (WIC) and Women in Technology (WIT), both allowing me to be involved in initiatives I am passionate about. - Krissy O’Farrell, Analyst (Grad), Technology Advisory



Joining Deloitte’s Consulting team as a university graduate, I began my career without knowing exactly where I wanted to end up but approached it with an open mind. In the three years that have followed, I have been exposed to a breadth of experiences, be it developing a global market engagement strategy for a mining services company, providing outsourcing advisory services for a global miner or strategically sourcing $60m of catalogue print spend for a marketing and logistics company. These experiences have afforded me the opportunity to work in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore and I have shared them with some of the most intelligent, like-minded and fun individuals one could meet. As I look back on the start of my career, whilst I’m still not certain of exactly where I will end up, I am sure that Deloitte will provide the exciting, challenging and fun platform to take me there! - Anthony Smith, Consultant, Strategy & Operations

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