In Risk Advisory we work closely with our clients to identify risks and opportunities, build mitigation or contingency plans and develop future strategies that directly impact their daily operations, ultimately leveraging risk to their advantage.

As a member of Risk Advisory, you'll be exposed to a mixture of short and longer-term client engagements. The variation between projects and solutions provides great opportunities to expand your network.

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Risk Advisory is broken up into 11 distinct solutions, each of which require a unique set of expertise, including legal, accounting, actuarial, economics, workplace health and safety, project management and IT.

  • If you’re someone with strengths in process design, new systems implementation and project management, Control Transformation could be your fit. You will work with organisations to streamline controls, taking into consideration the increasing or changing regulation and governance that the industry the organisation operates in will be subject to. Controls knowledge and analytics understanding will also be extremely important.

  • Do you have audit skills? Internal Audit works with clients to review systems and operations to see how well risks are managed, working with them to ensure tight processes and controls are in place to mitigate risk.

  • Governance, risk and compliance experience will make you well placed for our Risk Transformation product. Here you will assess the relative maturity of an organisation’s risk management and governance frameworks, and seek to make improvements.

  • Our Forensic team looks for forensic accountants, actuaries, economics and people with experience in law enforcement as they seek to help companies react quickly and confidentially when they are faced with financial crimes, crises, fraud or misconduct.

  • In looking at the effectiveness of control design and operation, from benchmarking reviews to specific assessments of controls, IT Assurance ensures the reliability, integrity and security of our clients key IT systems.

  • With a legal background and strong negotiation skills, you can join our Contract Risk Compliance team to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of large-scale contracts, working through complex legal documents to provide clients with successful resolutions.

  • Crisis Management looks for staff with disaster recovery and business continuity experience, who can join them to assist clients in dealing with catastrophic incidents such as natural disasters or IT crashes, and how they can continue with business when these events occur.

  • Financial services experience, particularly with anti-money laundering, bribery and corruption are particularly sought after in our Financial Crime team. You’ll be conducting regulatory compliance reviews and assessments, and working with organisations to protect their assets and reputation from both internal and external sources.

  • Project Risk looks for staff with project management skills that included exposure to project governance. Using these skills you will help prevent large-scale project failure by identifying potential risks in project plans.

  • Technology architecture, security management and information protection experience fit with the  Cyber Risk Services team. Here you’ll provide deep customised insights, strategies, remediation and training to ensure clients can protect the resilience of critical infrastructure or security implications across digital, cloud, mobility, social and cyber spaces. Check out our Women in Cyber campaign to hear from some of the people in our Cyber practice.

  • Workplace Health and Safety looks for WH&S auditors and professionals. In this team you’ll work with clients to ensure that companies are meeting their work, health & safety obligations while ensuring adequate processes, policies and systems are in place and that a positive safety culture is integrated and adopted.


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