2022 Global Automotive Consumer Study

Tracking key trends in the Australian automotive industry

From September through October 2021, we surveyed more than 26,000 consumers in 25 countries to explore opinions regarding a variety of critical issues impacting the automotive sector, including the development of advanced technologies. Our 2022 Global Automotive Consumer Study provides important insights that can help companies prioritise and better position their business strategies and investments in the year to come. 

In this year’s study, four key trends emerged across the globe:

  1. Willingness to pay for advanced technologies remains limited
    A majority of consumers are unwilling to pay more for advanced technologies in most global markets as they have been trained to expect new vehicle features as a cost of doing business for brands looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  2. Interest in electric vehicles is driven by lower running costs and better experience 
    Consumer interest in electrified vehicles (EVs) centres on the perception of lower fuel costs, environmental consciousness, and a better driving experience. However, driving range and lack of available charging infrastructure remain barriers to adoption.
  3. In-person purchase experiences are still preferred by many
    Most consumers would still prefer to purchase a vehicle at an authorised dealership. However, a perception of increased convenience and ease of use will likely support continued growth of virtual purchase processes.
  4. Personal vehicles continue to be the preferred mode of transportation
    Shared mobility services like ride-hailing and car sharing have been slow to return to their pre-pandemic pace of growth as people prefer using personal vehicles to satisfy their transportation requirements.

For more details on these evolving automotive industry trends, download the full report.

Published : April 2022

2022 Global Automotive Consumer Study
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