Living the dream or just dreaming


Living the dream or just dreaming

Does your airline's loyalty program align to your commercial strategy?

Consumer loyalty programs have proliferated as companies compete for new customers and seek to retain customers in an increasingly competitive global environment. Although the airline's arguably have the longest history developing their programs, banks, retailers, credit providers and an array of other industries have also sought to build loyalty programs.

A Proliferation of Loyalty Programs

This report provides a perspective on:

  • The maturity of loyalty programs and how programs can evolve
  • Considerations in designing (or re-designing) your loyalty program
  • How to link your loyalty strategy to the airline’s overall commercial strategy
  • Approaches to measuring the impact or success of your program
  • Important operational linkages between the loyalty program and the airline, and
  • Key factors to ensure the success of any loyalty program.
Living the dream or just dreaming
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