The Future of Food


The Future of Food

Loss of biodiversity. Emissions. Food waste. Malnutrition. Obesity. Feeding our growing global population is placing unsustainable pressure on our planet…

Today, the conscious consumer is looking to food to improve their health and that of the planet. Innovations such as bio technology, gene-editing and artificial intelligence changing the game. To ensure the prosperity of our planet and economies, it is up to us to drive the change and shape the future. What will the future of food hold?

The Future of Food is a series that explores the latest trends and technologies in food. It also explores the societal implications and commercial opportunities for food and beverage businesses.

Our latest blogs

Responsible nutrition - the opportunity for FMCGs & retailers

With an increasingly self-reliant, but insufficiently informed consumer, combined with limited government regulation, what role can consumer companies and retailers play to enable responsible nutrition choices?

Are GMO and Labgrown meat our best hope for survival?

Humankind today is presented with what could be the most impactful paradox of all: how to feed the world nutritiously, without destroying the environment upon which it depends?

Future of Food – Blog Compilation (Part 1):

  • Overweight and Obese: the choice is ours as consumers or is it?
  • We are running out
  • Food tech - a blessing or a curse?
  • What a waste
  • The craft movement

Future of Food – Blog Compilation (Part 2):

  • 3D printed food: just because we can, doesn’t always mean we should
  • In food we trust: the case for radical transparency
  • Innovation in food: the rise of start-ups, incubators and internal venture funds
  • Food as a medicine: the opportunity of DNA-based personalised nutrition
  • Australian food tax: ripe for a refresh?

Our latest insights

Future of Food VIP Event | SingularityU Australia Summit 2019

Embracing tech-driven innovation is critical in transforming our food systems - one of our biggest challenges for humanity.

Deloitte is excited to partner with SingularityU on a VIP event at the SingularityU Australia Summit, exploring the future of food and the role of exponential tech. The purpose of this movement is to get people comfortable with the innovations coming towards us, and enable leaders across large corporates, startups, NGOs and governments to reimagine the future.

Event wrap-up coming soon.
Meat the Alternative: Australia’s $3 billion opportunity report | Global Table 2019

Earlier this year, Deloitte’s Agribusiness Lead, Dr Daniel Terrill attended Global Table to discuss the growing potential for the plant-based alternatives within Australia.

At Global Table, “Meat The Alternative: Australia’s $3 Billion Opportunity” was launched. Commissioned by not-for-profit think tank Food Frontier, the first-of-its-kind report explores the size and economic contribution of the plant-based meat market in Australia now, and in 2030. Read the report here.

If you would like to learn more about Deloitte’s FoodTech Accelerator from Spain which also participated at Global Table, click here.
Cannabis: A turning point for society, an industry quickly maturing

Every day, As more governments legalize medical and recreational cannabis and the regulatory environment evolves, cannabis appears to be forging an entirely new category in Consumer markets. What are the opportunities from this rapid acceleration of growth in cannabis?
How is technology and global trends transforming our food ecosystem in the Asia Pacific?

Every day, 7.7 billion people around the world eat, consuming 14.5 million tonnes of food. But what, when, where and how we eat is changing. Our latest analysis for Uber Eats by Deloitte Access Economics explores four potential futures for the food ecosystem in the Asia Pacific. Learn more.


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