Reimagining our food and food systems


Reimagining our food and food systems

Exclusive webinar series

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating a transformation in our food and food systems. The closing of borders and restrictions in out-of-home channels have posed serious challenges to the food sector, both in terms of accessing consumer markets and supply. But this crisis also provided opportunities.

It brought food organisations closer to the consumer and the farmer. New partnerships emerged and the value of digital and data has never been more evident. We surprised ourselves by how innovative, agile and fast paced we could be in times of need. It created momentum and gave us the confidence that change is possible.

Deloitte Australia has launched the “Reimagining our food and food systems” webinar series to explore how food, agricultural businesses and retailers could transform themselves to build more resilience in their networks and seize the opportunities that this new world has created.

Coming soon:

Webinar 2: The intersection of food and health

Webinar 3: Transforming consumer connections

Reimagining our food and food systems

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Webinar Recording: How is COVID-19 accelerating digital supply chains in food?

    Key topics:

    • Product transparency & product integrity
    • Prediction and optimisation of yield
    • Flexibility and agility in markets

    Guest panellists:

    • Andrew Gregor, Strategy & Business Development Manager, Cargill
    • Tim Hyde, CEO & Founding Director at SWAN Systems
    • Felicity Turner, Agribusiness Data & Analytics Partner, Deloitte Australia.

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    Published: June 2020

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